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Sunday, November 4, 2007

When Did We Trade Fisher?

Sorry for the lack of comments over the past game or so. Something about two kids, the shingles and IBS never equls a lot of time to sit at the computer...but my thoughts have been with the Jazz for sure....well that and my Pats taking out Indy today in a thriller. 9-0!
Anyhow, we just wrapped up the first half and I thought I would put my two cents in. Although sloppy, I thought we finished pretty strong. I love when Ron-Ron plays and what is the deal with Boozers passing? Lovin' it. Is there a team in the league that shoots more 15-18 footers that the Jazz? The good news is we are hitting them tonight, but honestly, who shoots that shot? If you shoot that shot in a pick up game don't you have to take your own ass out? Oh well, if it's working, why not huh?
Well, here's to the second half and my oxy-cotin kicking in. Chances are I will be out like a light before I ever get a chance to hear the Subway Sub of the Game. I will have to make my final comments tomorrow morning. Hopefully we are 3-1 by then. Goodnight boys.


CB-Jack said...

Hey Brock, I just wanted to answer your question. Yes the Jazz traded Fisher back in June after he needed to relocate to a bigger city so his daughter could have better medical treatment.

I believe that every good question deserves an answer.


Ron Boone said...

Thanks Mitch. I forgot, LA is a lot closer to NYC. Easy decission if you ask me.
Thanks for geting back to me?

- Brock

whistle nuts said...

Dear Fisher,
Hunstman Cancer Institute ranked #1 in cancer treatment care last 3 years. You are a liar and a cheat.
P.s. I hope your family is doing well