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Friday, November 9, 2007

Jazz Celebrity @ Wal-mart

What's with the celebrity run ins Boler.Jack? First JSlo and then Pace "The UTE" Mannion? The biggest Jazz name I ever met was Antoine Carr @ Wal-mart in Springville! Yep, the "Big Dog" was at the grand opening of Wal-mart in Springville back in the day! (Not to get confused with the other "Big Dog" that played for Milwaukee). He really faded after the Jazz got rid of him! I was the only person to actually go up and get excited about seeing him! Many people were around his table but had no idea who he was! I think most the attention he drew was because most people in Utah County have never seen an African American man! That was a big day in big ole' Springville, a Wal-mart and "The Big Dog"

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