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Thursday, November 8, 2007

11.8.07 Mitch @ Riverbend w/ Pace

1st Half

I went and played Riverbend this morning by myself. It was great. I think I shot a 34 (there may have been some second and third shots in there). Had a great round and it was a beautiful day.

2nd Half

As I was walking to my car I saw a large white man. It was none other than Utah Jazz pre and post game commentator Pace Mannion. I told him about our blog and he said he would bring it up on the next Pre-Game show. I don't think I believe him. His buddy took a picture for me.

Pace was really nice. He asked me how I played (which I lied about of course) and how the course was playing. I was impressed with how down to earth he was. Not like he is a super celebrity, but I would consider him a local sports celebrity.

Final Score: Mitch 41 (With 6 Mulligans) Pace 37 (I took a few strokes off because he was just so cool about the whole thing)


whistle nuts said...

I wonder who you will run into this week ? Love the picture

Ron Boone said...

Do you realize whistle nuts and I have seen him naked?

Boozers Hammy said...

Can we start to sell advertising if Pace mentions this on the air?

Steve Javey said...

Nice going Mitch...I bet Pace loved you being his caddy... I'm sure you told him about the hole-in-one you got on 17, right?

Horny4-3 said...

Do they make clubs that loooong? I met him at Lifetime Gym, very cool guy! Heard he had a HOTT Italian Wife! She needs to meet a real Italian Stallion!

Boler, Jack said...


Let's go to dinner sometime and I'll tell you all about it.