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Sunday, November 4, 2007

11.4.07 Jazz @ Lakers

Let's keep this short and honest.

Jazz simply didn't come to play. This game was sloppy from the get-go. I am realizing that the Jazz defense is poor at best. They have given up a lot of points already this season. I don't have time to look up the stats, but I am guessing they are giving up well over 100+ a game. I agree with Brock in that we shot nothing but long jumpers all night while LA was getting lay up after lay up. Deron played well, but for about three minutes of the game, he was a scrub compared to Farmar. Farmar is much quicker than I recalled. He will have a good season.

The game lacked emotion. Quiet arena. Poor execution by both teams. In the end it was a forgettable loss and a mediocre win. I am disappointed with the Jazz sitting at 2-2 at this point. There was no real reason they shouldn't have won this game and been 3-1.

Final Score: Jazz 109 Lakers 119
What the score felt like: Jazz 56 Lakers 61

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Ron Boone said...

The LA crowd is pathetic. They are all rich and spoiled and they never get into the game. I would hate to play there....however, if there is anything available I will be happy to play for the league minumum.
The game was sloppy and boring and one I have already forgotten about. Bring on the Cavs and Bron-Bron. Can't wait to see Ron-Ron guard Bron-Bron.