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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Price Is Right!!!

Not much to say except, the bench looked gooooooooood! I love Price. I didn't realize he had such a good shot. Hart actually looked pretty good. I've always been a Jason Hart guy though.
Hopefully you all caught the post game interview with Boozer. Brownie asked him if he liked the way the they played tonight, rather then the way they played against the kings. Boozer " Yeah, They kicked are ass" Then he looks at the camera and says " Excuse me, They whipped are butts" Then they sent it back up to D.J. and the boys, who could barely contain themselves from laughing. It was classic. If you have it on tivo you should watch.

One more thing, Did you see memo's lurpy ass not even put his hands up for the rebound and the ball hit him right on the head. I could not stop laughing. Memo sucks, but he will continue to shoot ever time he touches it.

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Boler, Jack said...

How's your Jason Hart jersey coming? First off, I loved your post. My thoughts exactly. Two things I wanted to post about but you summed up perfectly.

1. Memo getting hit in the head. Amy and I watched this athletic play 5 times before finally deciding to move on with the game. Watch it in slow motion and it just about takes his nose off.

2. Boozer in the post game. Loved it. He did that same thing last year during the playoffs if you recall and was all "I mean butt, sorry about that".

Nice post Whistle.