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Sunday, November 11, 2007

11.11.07 Jazz vs. Grizzlies

Best Friends Forever

1st Half

"Get your layups people, get your free layups". The Jazz are finally getting the points in the paint like they should. I am a little shocked at Pau (worse name in the NBA) Gasol's lack of defense. Our front court is destroying Memphis right now.

The Memphis coach is Mark Iavaroni. I witnessed a horrible pregame interview with Thurl Bailey talking with his old teammate. I was impressed with some of the old video of Iavaroni playing with the Jazz...until they showed his stats: 3.2 pts per game. Honestly?

That puts him in the same category as Jose Ortiz (2.9 pts per game)

Jazz are clicking on all cylinders. Andrei has offically decided to show up this season. I get super giddy when I think about how good the Jazz can be when he plays like this. His behind the back pass to Boozer was sick. That has to be the assist of the season so far. Jazz just put up 62 in the it.

2nd Half

Hart just missed two shots, followed by a miss on the free throw line when Booner says "Here's a guy who shot 89% from the free throw line last year." That was when I went to the kitchen to find the sharpest knife I could to make the pain quick and fast...suddenly fright in front of me the Hitman dropped back to back jumpers...all the way back from the free throw line! It was awesome, I knew the basketball gods were smiling down on us.

Brian Cardinal just dropped back to back three's on us. I get a weird feeling when I see him. Perhaps it is because he makes me think of Adam Keefe.
Okay, so they don't look a lot alike, but their styles are similar.

AK-47 was a one man band tonight. Thanks Jerry for pulling him right before he gets a triple double. Seriously? I was so bugged. Jazz finaly get the blow-out they have been so deserving of. Must have learned something from Coach Whittingham.

Final Score: Jazz 118 Grizzlies 94

Number of times Brian Cardinal whispered to Larry H. Miller "I would be a great fit on this team" as he ran up the court: 6

1 comment:

Ron Boone said...

Three things:
1. Great Post.

2. Does Jose Ortiz scare anyone else. I have to scroll down quickly in order to sleep peaceful at night. Can't you just picture him in some 80's horror movie and/or adult film?

3. I swear Adam Keefe was better looking in person.