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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Jazz Playoff Reunion Continues

Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I hate Baron Davis. Baron comes into tonights game averaging 23.5 pts a game and 10.5 assists. That's not all though, on top of being a Dux, Baron brings a whiney attidtude and a love affair with officials. Look for Baron to get a handful of cheap fouls and about ten handfuls of cries and complaints. Thank the lord we don't have to deal with Stephen Jackson as well.
Although I am still upset with the Jazz, over their lack-luster performance against the Rockets, they can make things better with a double digit victory over Nelly and the boys for Golden State. My prediction. Jazz win 108-92.

Go Jazz. I will try and comment during the game tonight but I will be at a wedding. One of my wifes college roomates is getting hitched so I will be spending the night sitting in the corner hiding from all of her old college boyfriends....who happen to have a lot in common with T-Mac, Kobe, Boozer, etc. etc. if you catch my drift.

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