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Saturday, November 17, 2007

11.16.07 Jazz @ Cavs

1st Half:

Due to the lack of athletic centers in this game. We had a horizontal jump ball. Rather than throwing it up, the ref had these two lurps start at halfcourt and he rolled it towards the hoop. Whoever got it won the "tip". Z won as you can guess.

Jazz are playing well and have had a lead up to 7 pts. I hate the Arena Announcer at the Q. He was probably Little Bow Wow's backup vocal and when Bow Wow hit puberty and his voice changed, the guy got screwed. Why has the NBA gone so thug, even in their announcing.

(I do have a great echo voice if there are any VP's of Arena Voice reading the blog.)

2nd Half:

Let's cover this half in pictures.

Jazz are playing well out of the half. We seem to have a comfortable lead of 4-6 pts. I wish Deron would get his assist game going. Ronnie brewer has now been blocked by Ilgauskus 8 times (a pretty official guess). Boozer is coming on strong as always. I imagine the Cavs would be really good if they had been able to keep him. Although it was nice to see that graphic that showed he has played more games as a Jazz man than a Cavs man. He is officially a Jazz man.

This shot is when Boozer was called for a foul on Lebron after Boozer patted him on the butt after Lebrons layup went in. Hey this is the NBA man, gotta be thinking about continuation.

Here is Boozer and Deron laughing at the way Lebron gets calls. Here is Lebron being a dux. Nothing new. Lebron could probably average 39 pts a game if he could bring up that 64% FT shooting. Look at the way Deron is asking him "Dude I want to be a superstar too. Any tips?" Deron will be making that same Lebron face by 2nd quarter of tonights game.

Here is Paul Millsap thanking the ref for not calling a foul on him as he watched Lebron get another layup. I think that Cavs fan just stuck a $20 in the refs pocket. That or he wanted a free handful of junk. I think they just called a blocking foul on Mark Eaton as Lebron took a shot.

Final Score: Jazz 94 Cavs 99
Number of conversations the boys paid attention to and finished at dinner: 1 (Gentry and The Hills conversation)

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Ron Boone said...

What is Lebron doing in Photo #3? Was the layup really that difficult bud? Yes, I called you bud, Bron-Bron, that's what I call people I don't like.
P.S. Dear Bron-Bron, I just saw you introduce the Ohio State Buckeyes Football team during the pre-game of the Michigan-Ohio State Showdown. If I am not mistaken, aren't you more of a New York guy yourself? Oh, and what do you have to do with Ohio State? Did you go there? Better yet, did you go to any college?
All of us Bloggers are sew muctch smartur than u.