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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

D-Will vs. CP3

It seems that the know-it-alls over at ESPN have finally decided to give our boy some props. Check out today's daily dime talking about Darren and Chris Paul-

Found this quote from David Thorpe as well:

"On the downside, I think Utah is a backup point guard from competing for the NBA title. I'm not suggesting Jason Hart can't do the job, I just don't know if he can. His play Monday was encouraging."

It feels good to be ahead of the curve and recognizing that the Jazz have a major weakness in that backup position. To be fair though, Hart has looked a little better over the last two games, but I am worried that what we saw last night might the best he can give us and that will not cut it in the playoffs.

A few stats to chew on for the day -

R. Brewer Stats
#2 in the steals at 3.0 per game
#7 in FG

D. Williams Stats
#3 in Assists at 10.0 per game
#36 in FG % (#28 in 3 pt. FG%)
#38 in scoring per game

C. Boozers Stats
#6 in scoring per game
#9 in rebounds
#11 in FG %

AK's stats
#7 in blocks
#14 in assists
#42 in steals
#44 in Rebounds

If only Memo would decide to show up and play a little this year. Basically our starters, minus Memo are all top 7 or better in at least one catagory and top 50 in at least one more. AK is simply toying with the league right now, it is silly. He has to be considered one the top 10, maybe top 5 players in the league. You could also consider D-will top 10 player in the league as well right now. Boozer would be on the bubble of that list for me because he needs to get a little better on D, but he is for sure a top 5 offensive player. Ronnie could end up on one of the All-NBA defensive teams sometime in the near future for sure.

Good times all around for the Jazz right now.

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Boler, Jack said...

Mike (DC): Did you read Tim Legler's article about the Paul vs. Williams debate? Which do you favor?

Marc Stein: Chris Paul is playing with a vengeance, as I imagined he would after last season's injury issues, but you can't pick both. So I have to tip my hat to the Jazz and say that D-Will would be my choice (by a whisker) for many of the reasons they drafted him. He's more of a physical presence than CP3 and that clearly makes him a handful. But the clincher is the '07 playoffs. No one gave San Antonio defensive problems like D-Will. That says something.