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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jazz V. Cavs the sequel

Derron Williams needs to snap out of his current funk. The last few games he has been shooting the ball horribly and his assists are way down as well. I wonder if has been hooking up with Robert Whaley after games again. THis just in, LeBron is good. I still say he is juicing though. At least the Jazz did not fold in this game, they had a bad 4th quarter, but it seemed like they keep their energy up, the shots were just not falling. Too many missed lay-ups and open jumpers. I feel like I need to say something nice about Jason Hart now because of how much we were killing him earlier in the year so here goes - He sure does a good job throwing that cell phone to the corner of the screen for the "Keys to the game" segment. The dude never messes that one up, its always right on the money. I am little confussed on why they don't have him throw a set of keys though, it would make more sense that way, oh well. The Jazz need to win tonight and the road trip will be a success.


whistle nuts said...

I agree Lebron is good.
But I can not stand the star treatment he gets.I hate him.

Boler, Jack said...

Loved the Hart reference. I think it was probably the only thing anyone had in their pockets at Media Day.

"Hey anybody have somefin we can frow?"

Ron Boone said...

I agree with you exactly W. Nuts. Maybe if we had a star that got the treatment I would appreciate it more, but even then, all we would hear was how Giricek is baby sat by the officials....because Giri is our best player. But all in all. I hate how the NBA pays it's officials to take care of their big names.