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Saturday, November 10, 2007

11.9.07 Jazz @ Sonics

1st Half

This had better be a blowout. Jazz are playing good, but where did Carlos Boozer go the entire 2nd quarter? I wondered if there was an unseen injury for a second. That or he had to lay some serious pipe.
Have you ever seen a rookie fire up so many shots in your life? I bet the vets want to kick him in the arse.

New topic: Robert Swift. This is the reason the NBA doesn't allow high school kids to come into the NBA anymore. I wonder what his parents think when they watch him. "Where did we go wrong Nancy...where did we go wrong?" Daddy Swift.
Rookie Year:

4th year in the league after 3 injury plagued seasons:

Talk about sad. This is what you call "Upside" or "Potential".

2nd Half
Sonics are keeping the game close and it's getting to the point that I'm nervous. There crowd of 15,980 (8,065 actually showed up) is starting to get into the game. Seems like Deron is taking a fit. Perhaps that is because he is getting destroyed by Delonte West (abused with an ugly stick and a perma cold sore stick when he was young)

Well Memo may have just won us the game. How? Did you see how he filled the lane and made Durant adjust so Andrei could get a piece of the ball? Nice play by Memo. Truth is, he was just to lazy to put his arms up. I hate games like this. I just can't figure out why the Jazz can't finish the deal with some of these 'weaker' teams. We need to get some killer instinct on this club. Where is Bill Belichek when you need him (Jazz would have won by 56 pts.).
Final Score: Jazz 103 Sonics 101
Nibs eaten by Halle in the first quarter: 37

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