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Monday, November 26, 2007

Jazz on the Move...

So here I am again posting something you have already seen, but at least I'm posting something right. I am trying to decide if I am going to watch another Jazz game again because I have not watched any of the last five games and what have they done....five "w's." In fact, Friday night Hammy and I were watching the game via ESPNEWS and I guarantee you have never seen two people more interested in score updates than Hammy and I. For a moment in time we felt like we were living in the pre-television days where you had to sit by the Radio to get your Sports Fix.
So, anyhow, on with the Rankings. I think we are exactly where we should be. I would be lying if I thought we could take any of the teams above us. We may have a shot in a series, but I don't know. I was at the Magic game last year and watched Dwight Howard make us look like the Bingham Bulls did when we played that team from Oakland. Remember that C.B.? Ewww. Sorry man. That was low. Especially considering my total amount of playing time with the Bulls was equal or less than your time trying out for the team. So please, forgive me. We will always have that '86-'87 Bingham B-Team though. In fact I just researched the stats from that year, here are our personal stats:

Booner: Pos. QB./Long Snapper
Pass Attempts: 13
Completions: 6
Total Yards: 22
Rushing Attempts: 7
Rushing Yards: 2
TD's: 1
Extra Points: 1
2 Point Conversions: 1
Hand offs to C.B. Jack: 48
Fumbled Handoffs to C.B. Jack: 4
Cold Sores in Team Picture: 1
QB Rating: 78.3

C.B. Jack Pos. RB, WR, Special Teams
Rushing Attempts: 48
Rushing Yards: 380
Rushing TD's: 17
Kickoff Return Average: 48 Yards
Punt Return Average: 37 Yards
Combined Return TD's: 8

Our Record: 11-0. Why we didn't go places in life I don't know. Maybe we would be a lot more successful in life if we knew at the end of the day we were going to get Orange Wedges and a Sunny D. Anyhow, here was my whole purpose in this Post:


Boler, Jack said...

The Bingham Bulls comment was a low blow, but you made up for it by posting my B-Team Football stats (although you were 13 yards off...but who's counting?).

Perhaps you should avoid watching the games for a little bit. The last thing we need is a loss to Knicks.

I agree with you on the power rankings. Although I have a feeling Orlando is peaking really early. Similar to what the Jazz did last year. A good 4 game losing streak will bring them back to earth.

Ron Boone said...

Not to be a Magic Homer but have you seen Dwight Howard? He is almost as good as Jarron Collins. Plus with Howard, Shaq, Penny and Nick Anderson, I don't know if anyone is going to stop them.