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Monday, November 19, 2007

Interest in Jazz hits an all-time low...

...and Salt Lake City has fewer Mormon's than ever. Ewwwww. But really, the Jazz have me sick, in fact, they brought my shingles back. Well, it was either that or the stray Cat named Shingers we took in. Hey, 'tis the season.
Anyhow, sorry, not much to say about the Jazz right now but they can make 25% of it up to me with a win over the Nets tonight. My guess is Jason Kidd is feeling so bad for D-Will right now that he will take it easy on him.
The only good news I have, if you want to call it good news is that we didn't slip out of the rankings like I thought we would after losing to Troy "Pinch & Roll" Murphy and the Panties, I mean Pacers. Here is where we ended up:

Oh wait, I do have even better news for Whistle Nuts and all the BYU homers out there, BYU cracked the BCS at #25 this week. Nice work. If they get past the Utes this weeks that should be good enough to land them in the Playtex "Who gives a Rats" Bowl. (Course where would that leave the Utes?:(

Anyhow, Go Jazz. (I say that with as little enthusiasm as possible.)


Boler, Jack said...

Where can I get tickets to that Playtex bowl? Just wondering...for a friend of's a girl...and she wanted me to ask you....

Boozers Hammy said...

Whistle Nuts is a BYU fan and a Grey's Anatomy fan? I guess they do go hand in hand, both are for chicks! (Don't think that I am not going to say something about seeing Mr. Nuts surrounded by 4 ladies chatting it up about the fat chick on that show and he was legitimately mad at her for some reason. Shame on you whistle nuts, shame on you!)

Ron Boone said...

Dear Whistle Nuts:

Hopefully you get this before any of the other bloggers, but the word is out regarding your interest in shows that gear toward our female friends. I just want to be sure you don't bring up your interest in other shows like "The Bachelor" or "The Hills." I figure if we don't say anything about that the bleeding will stop rather quickly. Anywho, remember who you are.


The Booner!

P.S. You still coming over tonight for the "Dancing with the Stars" Results show? If so, bring those shoes you were telling me about.

Anonymous said...

I recall one of the first times I ran into boozer,s (inner thigh) Hammy.He was wearing the dasiey dukes. But he justified it by saying he was going to the senior prom and it was a Michael Jordan tux .I belive he went to that dance with a boy.Stag my ass.

P.s. Booner, I will pick up those shoes on the way home.

P.s.s Boler, I have those tickets for your "friend".

P.S.S Inner, It wasn't the fat chick it was that bitch Izzy.

P.S.S.S. I can't beleive the bachelor didn't pick anyone.

Boozers Hammy said... least he was cute.