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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Brock's First Run-In with J.C.

Hope that headline caught your attention. While we are on the subject of Jarron Collins I thought I would bring up my first run in with the third string Jazz Man himself.
Many of you do not know this but in my younger days I was the Sports Editor for the Globe, Salt Lake Community College's school paper. I had the opportunity to cover the 2002 Rocky Mountain Review. The best part was the fact that I got to wear my credentials and go back in the locker room, sit on the front row etc. Well, I thought they were worth something until I noticed the janitors 12-year old son had the same credentials I did.
Anyhow, after the game I went into the locker room and tried to figure out who I would interview, what I would say, etc. etc. In walks Jarron Collins, so I walk up to him and say, "Hey Jarron, do you have I minute?" To which he said, "why?" This was off to a great start. Then I told him I just wanted to ask him a few questions about the review for the SLCC newspaper. "Who are you?" Jarron said. I tried to make it sound like I had any credibility at all. It was not looking good at all, in fact, I was praying that someone else would cut in and take over or I would pass out etc. But I pulled it together just like Bob Costas would and gathered enough info for an award winning article. Here is my interview with Jarron Collins:

"...Sure these teams want to win and the players want to prove themselves, but the Rocky Mountain Review was also a time to get out there and have fun. "I enjoy being out there and it's a good opportunity to play with a lot of new guys," said Jazz center Jarron Collins. The Review was also a good opportunity for fans to come out and watch future stars of the NBA without having to take out a loan from the bank. The price of the Rocky Mountain Review: Five dollars a day...."

Thanks Jarron for putting a complete halt in any interest I had being a Sports Reporter/broadcaster. Good luck this season.
P.S. You must know you are not going to play because last time I saw you check into a game you ran to the table to check in, took your warm up pants off, some sort of wind breaker, a long sleeve Jazz Tee, and finally a short sleeve tee. Good night, does it get cold at the end of the bench. Do you want my mother-in-law to make you a Jazz Quilt or something to go on top of all that? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

I liked your article,but did not appreciate the sacrelgious heading,remember who you are next time you post.

Horny4-3 said...

Booner, is this the interview that ended your dream as a sports reporter? Hope that dux bag Jarron Collins doesn't come in to buy a car from you! Keep the dream alive, you would be great!

Horny4-3 said...

Is this who ended your dream of being a sports reporter? Hopefully he never tries to buy a car from you! Keep the dream alive Booner, you would be great!