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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Utah Jazz Opener 10/30 @ Golden State

This is classic blogging via text message by us. p.s. this took 30 minutes. p.s.s. i was bored.

Brock: Did I just witness that?

Mitch: The Andrei Thing?

Brock: Yes with Gebhardt

Mitch: Classic

Brock: Are other markets this pathetic at stuff like that?

Mitch: I think so. Texting is so neat.

Brock: So is friendship.

Mitch: We are friends. We should watch Jazz together one day.

Brock: Indeed

Brock: I hate Baron Davis

Mitch: Me too. Queer.

Brock: Ron Boone: "...otherwise they will kick it out and shoot three pointer shots."

Mitch: I wish he would have shaved his tongue off along with his hair.

Brock: lol

Mitch: Where the "F" is quadalupe? Fake country.

Brock: You know that dux wearing the gold playoff tee thought everyone else was going to wear them and then quickly realized what a ball sack he looked like. Sorry Amy.

Mitch: lol. Talk about stabbing his own team in the back. 'We believe" the jazz handed us our asses last year. thanks pal. Love, pietrus, the guadalupean.

Brock: Don't let the door hit you in the ass Fisher, Giridux etc. Come on in Brewer! P.S. Dear Jazz guys, stop talking about that dunk.

Mitch: Fact: Brewer will tear his acl by halftime, goodbye season.

Brock: With no one guarding him.

Mitch: Tear it on a dunk mind you.

Mitch: after a foul, just showing off

Brock: exactly..after a whistle.

Mitch: Same game Deron trips leading the team out on the court and is out 50 games with turf toe.

Brock: Is it Just me or does harpring act like he is working three times harder than he actually is?

Brock: Buy two games and get a hot dog. Eff you Larry H. Miller. Eff You...........make it a corn dog and I will do it.

Mitch: With a Churro

Brock: Good to know the refs are still sleeping with Baron.

Brock: "Isn't there usually an after trimmer or something."

Mitch: Is this the nba or tlc? Earthquake duxes

Mitch: Loved the Bud Light commercial. We should just be im'ing

Brock: I wonder if my account from Glyphics still works.

Mitch: Do you have Gmail? Welcome to 2007. Get one

Mitch: Who in the "f" brings their baby to sit front row behind the opposing bench

Brock: (me whistling)

Mitch: Lol
Brock: Nice hair Hudson. Are he and Troy Palamalu together?

Brock: Who is our little black Preston J with his long sleeve tee tucked into his shorts.

Mitch: I heart Paul

Brock: I would leave Kristin for him......what?

Mitch: lol
Mitch: 2 for me yes please

Brock: Giricek has the same look as an employee who knows his ass is fired but the boss hasn't told him yet.

Mitch: Casey at iLinc.

Brock: lol lol

Brock: Kirilenko: you dribble ball and see me then pass. Milsap: w.t.f

this is where you either: a. fell asleep. 2. got sick of it. or III. ran out of your monthly allotment of text messages.

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