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Monday, November 12, 2007

Power Rankings/Kings Preview

I realize you have all seen this, with the exception of Whistle Nuts who has time for one website and one website only and that is our blog. (I think I am OK to go ahead and award him for the Blogs biggest fan right now. It's about 11 months pre-mature but I'm going to pull a Joe Glenn and guarantee he will be at year end as well.)

Anyhow, what I was trying to get to was this:

This weeks power rankings are out via ESPN and I think we should all be happy about it. To climb five spots in one week is not too bad. Good week for the Jazz and we can start this week of right with a "W" tonight against C. Webb and the Kings....what's that? No more C. Webb? That's too bad, that's the only reason I bought tickets. Oh well, they have Brad Miller, doesn't Boozer's Hammy have his Jersey? As long as we can keep K. Martin in check, we should win without to much drama. Three Predictions:

1. Jazz Win 114-101

2. Brad Miller attacks Jarron Collins

3. The attack on Jarron Collins leads to the signing of the one and only......

Ben "Hand Lotion" Handlogten

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