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Thursday, November 1, 2007

11.1.07 Houston @ Utah

1st Quarter
Boozer opened the game with a "hey remember me Yao" dunk. It's Electrifying! The Jazz offense just doesn't click with Jason Hart running the point. Does anyone know what Delany Rudd is up to? Hart is a flopper too, and a bad one at that.

I think Tracy McGrady has a distict advantage over his opponents. By strategically using the lazy eye God cursed him with, he is able to deceive his defender in to thinking he is going two ways at once. I'd like to see an investigation into his eye. He should wear a patch that he can see out of okay, but people can't see in. That would be wicked cool on the court.

Jazz have held on despite Booz having 2 fouls and Deron leaving with 5 minutes. Bonzi and Mike James have made this a much better Houston team.
Score: Jazz 29 Houston 24

2nd Quarter
I just saw a graphic showing Mark Eaton as the #4 all-time blocks leader. I just threw up a little in my mouth. Of course Brandon Sluga was 7th on that same list.
I love the NBA's "Where.....Happens" commercials. Although just to change it up and make a commercial with Donaghy that says "Where 'oh shiz' happens". Or one with Ron Artest holding a 9mm that says "Where 'and you thought the NFL had problems' happens'".

Text from Brock: Does Sloan hate Brewer or something? Put him in dummy! I am so pissed right now.

CJ Miles just checked in. I just checked out. See you at halftime.
Score: Jazz 49 Houston 57

3rd Quarter
Jazz started the quarter with rhythem, now the CD is just skipping. Music analogies never get old.
I keep waiting for Gordon Giricek to come into the game and be wearing a Rockets jersey to see if Sloan notices. He just blends into the court sometimes. Perhaps a mustache would help him stand out a little.

Can't post. too mad.

4th Quarter
Jazz looking to make a push, only to be met by Tracy McGrady and his 7 inch wagging finger. I hate him. I'm serious, I really hate him. CJ Miles just got a foul with 5 minutes to play. I'm sure Jerry was like 'what the? who put him in the game?' CJ looked at the bench like he had just got caught sneaking on the floor. Prediction: McGrady has 52 tonight.
McGrady just took 7 steps to get to the basket. This is beginning to look like church ball.

Well it's over, and I'm glad. Poor showing by the Jazz bench tonight. I'm telling you, the Rockets are going far this year. I hate them, but they are a deep team. Nah, forget that...Rockets suck.
Question: Have you ever seen anyone cry as much as Tracy McGrady?

Score: Jazz 95 Houston 106


Boozers Hammy said...

Dear Jason Hart,

Dont shoot the ball.


All of the Jazz fans

CB-Jack said...

Dear Jason Hart,

Please turn into Keith McLeod somehow.


Keith McLeod
McLeod Sporting Goods
Sacramento, CA

Rosalia said...

Interesting to know.