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Monday, November 5, 2007

11.2.07 Jerry Sloan @ Chili's in Herriman

1st Half

While Amy and I were at dinner with Gentry and Betsy, everything seemed normal. The service was a little slow and we had to sit at in the bar section. I don't really mind this because it's as close as I'll ever get to going to a real bar. Makes me feel edgy. We just finished a chips and queso, not bad, but served a little cooler than I like. Then Amy starts kitty kat scratching me into my soul and I'm thinking 1. Her water just broke...even though she isn't pregnant or 2. She is so excited she can't talk. Next think I know she says "Look at who just walked in". There in the flesh was the 'Sultan of Swear' himself...Mr. Jerry Sloan. My heart began beating like a little girl in the middle of an N'SYNC concert. I felt my palms go sweaty and my cheeks started to burn. It really was Jerry Herriman (Technically Riverton, but you all know where my heart is). I almost made us all get up to give him our booth, but then I saw the wait and thought 'nah, he's not worth it'.

Immediately Amy asked for Betsy's camera to get a picture. I was torn. Should I have her go and interrupt his waiting in line for a table? Would he care? Would he get pissed and tell her to sit back down at her bench? Finally Betsy and Gentry convinced her to go and take the picture.

Jerry wasn't very happy. He didn't look like he was going to give in until his wife came back from the restroom and he said 'sure'. The picture is a little blurry, but certainly blog worthy.

2nd Half

Amy just came back to the booth. I have begun slow heavy breaths so I can prepare myself to order. Gentry and Betsy officially think I am insane. I am embarrassed, yet completely fulfilled. We go on with our dinner and as we are walking out I had to go to the restroom. Of course I had to pass by his table. I was just about to exit the restaurant when Gentry passed me going the other way and simply said "watch this". I followed Gentry with my eyes and as he approached Jerry's table I saw a flash go off that filled the restaurant. There was his sidekick Betsy standing OUTSIDE of the Chili's taking a picture of Gentry as he walked by the legend.
Quickly the Chili's went into celebrity lock down procedures. The manager and a server darted to Mr. Sloans side to protect him from anymore unsolicted photos. Gentry then came back by the restroom and was met by the manager and a SL County Sheriff. He was quickly frisked (and he smiled) and released. Okay, that part didn't happen, but I had to keep it interesting.We had done it. We had officially ruined Jerry Sloans dinner experience. I don't think that Chili's will ever get a celebrity to go in there again. Except maybe when Axel and Bruce Hardy come to town.

Final Thoughts:
It was a great experience. I'm hoping that we all have some more random Jazz experiences this season. This is what blogging is truly about. Keep a camera with you at all times, or at least your camera phone. Don't be afraid to confront players in public. It might ruin their night, but it will make for one heck of a blog post.

Final Score: Gentry, Betsy, Amy, Mitch 2 Jerry Sloan 0

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