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The results of LA Ball Talks team blog contest are in. And once again, Jazz fans have made it clear that True Blue Jazz is their favorite Jazz blog on the Internet. Thanks to all who voted. Stay tuned because we have big big BIG news on the way....Prepare for Jazz heaven.

Monday, June 30, 2008

My Utah Jazz on 1320 KFAN - Locked on Sports with David Locke**Today 4pm MST**

What up My Utah Jazz fans.

My Utah Jazz was asked to participate in a new weekly segment with David Locke of 1320 KFAN. The first segment took place on Monday at 4:00 pm MST. Feel free to listen to the replay here. Click on the highlighted Jazz Bloggers Rountable link (Thanks Mom for listening, are those instructions easy enough for you?)

Thanks to David and Kevin for making it happen.

Please let us know what you agree and don't agree with. We want to represent Jazz nation and can only do that with your help. Of course, if your opinion isn't the same as ours, we probably won't address it. But aside from that, let the feedback begin!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

All you need to know about Kosta Koufos

Do I get 1/2 a block for this?
(FYI - He's the white guy getting ready to flop)

I cant wait to hear how Hot Rod handles the first time this kid check into a game next season. This is what you can expect to hear:

Hot Rod: Entering the game for the first time this season, number 31 from Ohio State, wait I thought he was from Greece, mmmmmm Greek food, I like Baklava.

Producer yelling at Hot Rod in his ear: The game hot rod, the effing game!! How many martinis has this guy had already?

Hot Rod: Oh yeah, the basketball game, what was this kids name again? Kos, Kuse, Kusta, Kutsa, Costco....screw it I will just call him by his last name....damn that one is harder to pronounce....Kofo, Kufu, Kudos, Cujos....Can I just call him Baklava? Mmmmm, I like Greek food.

Back to the draft - One word sticks out about this pick: Whatever. For his upside he has been compared to Memo Okur (I thought we already had a guy like that) and for another comparison he has been compared to Darko Milicic. Great, that is all we need, another crappy big man on the roster. I guess we do need someone to replace Jarron Collins when he retires in 15 years.

From they list his strengths with stuff like this - He's tall, strong, can pass out of double teams ok and has good timing for blocking shots, but is not explosive enough to be a real good shot blocker. - Keep in mind these are the kids positive attributes. When the best part of your game is your size, well, at least you got that going for you.

Lets move onto the negatives from - Can be a disinterested defender at times. Lacks aggressiveness at times. Lacks lateral quickness. Can sometimes lose his confidence and then his game falls apart. Needs to be able to handle contact in the paint better. - This sounds an awful lot like our current big men, good job guys he should fit in nicely. Maybe he will turn out to be a lot like Memo. You know that he got super excited knowing that you don't have to play defense for the Jazz if you play Center of Power Forward.

The good news is that our D-League team is going to have two 7-footers to dominate the league next year, maybe I will get some season tickets to the Flash.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Pre-Draft Offseason Report

Now that the evil witch of the west has been disposed of and there has been sufficient time to let the anger and sadness from the Jazz's second round loss simmer down I can rationally take a look at what I would do if I were Kevin O'Connor. And lets face it, we all think that we could do a better job so I hope that the Jazz brass are reading this and take it to heart.

Step One

This part of the off season should just be called, "Open the vault for Deron and give him what ever he wants". If I were Larry Miller I would give him Karl and John's car dealerships and change the name of the stores to D-Will Automotive Group. This is the guy who can lead the Jazz to the promised land and I am pretty sure that the Jazz will take care of him accordingly. They might have to stray into luxury tax land for a year or two until they can get rid of the Kirilenko contract, but Deron is worth it.

Step Two

Trade the draft pick. Ask yourselves, is there anything at all that the Jazz can get with the 23rd pick that will help them get over the hump? We are already one of the 5 best teams in the NBA right now, lets see if we can get a team that is in rebuilding mode to give something up that we might be able to use later. We already have 13 guaranteed contracts for next season and I am pretty sure that they will try and resign CJ Miles again taking it to 14. NBA rules limit teams to 15 and the Jazz like to keep one spot open for flexibility (which I think is a great idea) so why lock yourself into another guaranteed contract. If you were going to take a flyer on a Euro and stash them overseas for a few years that would be OK, but if the Jazz use the pick on another shooting guard or 7 foot project with bad feet I am going to throw my remote across the room.

Step Three

Ask Coach K to teach Boozer how to play defense this summer. Actually, if could just try and get Boozer to give a damn about defense that would be sufficient. Lets face it, this version of the Jazz is never going to be able to lock teams down, but they have to be able to slow them down. I think the D-will and Ronnie Brewer back court is capable so we really need the front court to do their part. Hopefully they can learn to play better team defense the longer they are together, but Boozer and Memo have to show more desire on that side of the floor. I guarantee you that if the Jazz put in an incentive clause for Boozers next contract that gives him some sort of bonus for making the any of the 3 all NBA defensive teams the effort would be there.

Step Four

Start shopping, specifically AK. The Jazz do have a couple of tradeable assets, but we are going to have to swallow pretty hard if we really want to get rid of AK. He has three years left on his cap killer deal there is going to be some garbage in return, but maybe it will only be on year of garbage instead of three. If you package AK with Morris Almond and our first round pick that we are getting from the Knicks in 2010, we might be able to do something that does not completely suck. Miami for example has Mark Blount and Udonis Haslem or you could talk to Milwaukee about Bobby Simmons and some spare parts. The point is, there is a team out there that would like to take a flyer on AK if we sweetened the pot a bit with some other stuff. This trade will be a lot easier to make after the Olympics because you know that AK is going to average something like 20 points, 10 boards, 5 assists, 3 blocks and 3 steals.

After the draft is done we will have a better understanding of what the Jazz and other teams have I will put together a post draft plan with more specifics.

Monday, June 23, 2008

D-Will, Booze Join Team USA

Although both Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer have made the 2008 USA Men's Basketball Team, due to budget cuts, they will have to share a jersey.

It's official, Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer of our Utah Jazz will be representing our Country in this Summer's Olympic Games! Below is the ESPN article that most of you have probably all read by now.

I don't know what the rest of you MUJ Bloggers think, but this is going to make this off-season just a little bit easier to get through. I am excited for Deron to get his chance to shine, not sure how much time he will see, but I know he will make the most of every minute he gets. I would love to see our two Jazz men bring home the Gold. (It still won't put you on my good list Booze, but it won't hurt either.) Now, don't get me wrong, when it comes to the Summer Games, I am a Women's Gymnastics Fanatic, however, Men's Basketball is a close second.

Congrats D-Will and Booze, from all of us at My Utah Jazz!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Perfect Fathers Day Gift

Its no secret that I completey despise Kobe Bryant and the Lakers so to say that I am happy with how the Finals have unraveled would be an understatement. After the Game 4 collapse we can officially cross Kobe off of the greatest player on the earth and heir to MJ's throne debate. Would MJ ever let his team lose a lead like that in the second half at home? We saw the Jazz erase big leads the Lakers built in all 4 of their losses, but unfortunately could never close the deal. It actually makes me mad that the Jazz were so determined to foul Kobe every time he touched the ball and Carlos decided to be a second round pick for the playoffs or they could be here instead of the Lakers.

Anyway, the best thing for me today on Fathers day would be seeing the Lakers lose the finals on their home court as all those fake fans sat there actually a little happy that the season was over so they could get back to watching TMZ and re-runs of Beverly Hills 90210. Phil Jackson would complain in his post game interviews about the free throw disparity while forgetting that Kobe shot 100 free throws per game against the Jazz proving his hypocricy has no bounds. And then we would get to watch Kobe in his post game news conference complain about his teamates not being good enough and demanding a trade. There is an old saying, a zebra can not change his stripes and we are seeing that with Kobe right now.

- This is what a cheating front runner looks like right after he "Wets the Bed" -

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who Has the Classless Fans?

Remember all that talk as the Jazz season was winding down about all the classless Jazz fans? Well, for the record, there are a few other organizations we could talk about as well. Don't get me wrong though, that guy throwing the chair was priceless. And where did that chair come from? Was that a wheely chair? What stadium has those? Was it Phil Jackson's custom chair? Will someone research that for me? I guess it would be nice though: You could just glide out into the hall and grab yourself some popcorn..... then glide right back. Course then there would be the downside: Your friends decide it will be funny to see if you can glide down the stairs or, I could totally see ol' C.B. and Whistle picking me up and then sliding me out onto the court only to delay the game etc. etc. The pros out-weigh the cons though. Anyway, nice work Lakers/Celtics Fans. Nice work.