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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jazz Vs. Sonics Recap

You will get award winning analysis from C.B. Jack later but for now I am going to give you my take on last nights ugly win against the "Soon to be Oklahoma" Sonics.

1st Half:
Pathetic. My team had less turnovers at Lifetime Fitness Thursday Morning*. If we commit half the turnovers we did, we have the game signed, sealed and delivered in the first half. Well, maybe not, but at least I wouldn't have the ulcers I do now. Did I say ulcers? I meant shingles.

*No, we still had more turnovers but for the sake of a good comment I lied. My apologies.

2nd Half:
Lucky. Honestly, how did we win that game. I've never walked away from a win with the same feeling as you do with a loss but last night I did. In fact, when we lose, I rarely watch ESPN the next day and I did the same thing with this victory. Had it not been for Kirilenko's phantom block on Durrant we go into overtime and the Supersonicas ride the momentum home.

Misc. Thoughts: C.B. Jack said it perfect when he said if you saw footage of PJ Carlesimo (not going to spell check that) last night as well and footage of PJ in 1972, it would look exactly the same. Someone buy that man a suit that was made in the last decade and throw in some eye glasses that are smaller than four feet in diameter.

Misc. Pictures:

Uhh, what is this guy doing with his life (Robert Swift). Aparently somewhere between his rookie year and now, he signed a contract with the Devil and Rage Against the Machine.
2007-2008 Season (Above) Rookie Year (Below)

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