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Saturday, November 3, 2007

11.3.07 Jazz vs. Warriors

1st Half
The Jazz are playing like they still have their warm-ups on. I do have a feeling they're going to come back, but right now they are like the high priest at church ball who starts really slow, but suddenly is dropping shots 4 feet behind the arc by the 3rd quarter. Just to fit in with the crowd here, I hate Baron Davis. Seriously, I hate him. Look for my soon to be released NBA All-Hate Team. Let's just say we have already played against two of the starters.
Jazz just played an amazing 2nd quarter. I did notice Giri's agent come down and whisper in his ear "Dude, this is your contract year. You should start acting like you are a part of this team".
12 points later, Giri is on fire.

2nd Half
I don't know the exact stats, but I think I just witnessed 12 straight makes between the two teams. One of the best displays of shooting I've seen in a while. Not one of the best displays of defense on the other hand.

This game is getting way too close for comfort. Al Harrington...let's break him down. First of, his name: Al (no offense Big Al). What is it short for? Albert? Alfonso? Allah? There is not way his name is just Al. He was probably born in Alabama, but his parents couldn't figure out the birth certificate form and put AL on the first name line instead of the state line. I want to say he is having a good game, but it seems is just getting a lot of really open shots. I'm giving the Jazz lack of defense the credit for his offensive performance tonight. BTW Biedrins will always be Andrei's little brother to me. He trys so hard to be like Andrei. Crazy hair, bad shot selection, the whole bit. I bet he has a mail order bride from his homeland that looks like a cheap version of Masha...if there is a cheaper version out there?

D-Will just basketball bitch slapped Baron Davis tonight. It was like the Junior class stud de-pantsing the super-senior has been superstar. Loved every minute of it. I am predicting Deron will average around 20 -22 a game this season. I hope Boozer enjoyed his day off by the way. In blow-outs like this, I want to see one starter begin shooting with their opposite hand, just to see if it gets close.

Final Thoughts
A blow out, just like Brock predicted. (and I'm not talking about his night on the porcelein throne.) Nice win for the Jazz. They are the true Anti-Warriors in this league. Similar to how the Jazz feel about Spurs I would guess. Did anyone notice how in the post game Giricek was literally begging the Warriors to pick him up next year? He was vomiting compliments about the GS offense and how much fun it would be to play in a set like that. It really bugged me, yet at the same time, I was relieved to hear him talk about leaving the Jazz. That will clear up some cap space so we can sign Jason Hart to a 4 year $19m deal next June.

Keep in mind Gentry and I ran into Jerry "J-Slo" Sloan at Chili's in Herriman last night. Pictures and story are to come. I'm just waiting for G to figure out how to email them to me.

See you boys tomorrow night from LA.

Final Score: Jazz 176 Warriors 110

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