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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thoughts on the Grizz v. Jazz

Dear Memphis,

At least you have good BBQ restaurants.


The Utah Jazz

Holy cow, that game reminded me of an NBA Live video game. The Jazz did what ever they wanted and the poor Grizz just could not keep up. That win helped keep the Jazz the highest scoring team in the league at 111.1 points per game. We out-scored them in every quarter of the game. We now have the largest average margin of victory in the league as well at 7.3 points per game.

Um, are we still being coached by Jerry Sloan? Because his players ae throwing ally-oops, making behind the back passes and dunking the ball with authority. What's next, headbands? The best thing to come out this game was they finally held someone below 100 points. Granted, it was the Bingham Miners JV team they were playin against, but the defense looked a lot better. Pau Gasol is officially the most overated player in the league.


Anonymous said...


Actually Boston and Detroit are 1 and 2 in the league in margin of victory. We are 3rd, but 1st in the western conference.

-David James

Ron Boone said...

But David, we will always be first in my eyes.