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Monday, November 26, 2007

11.26.07 Jazz @ Knicks

1st Half
I hate the Knicks. How are we down even though we are shooting the lights out? Oh, because the Knicks seem to have sold their soul to the Devil. Why is it that these lurps can come out of the gates and shoot the ball like this? I wonder how many yards of fabric it takes to make one Zach "Fat Head" Randolph headband? Probably a small herd of sheep.

2nd Half

I really hate the Knicks. This game had heartbreak written all over it. You know when your team comes storming back and you really think they are going to pull off a sweet comeback? I never once had that feeling this entire game. I honestly could have told you that we were going to lose by 2-6 points prior to tip off. Deron played incredible. Boozer did his part. The whole team honestly played pretty good basketball. The Nipperbockers just made so many of those floating running floater runners that even Brock was jealous. Overall, we lost that game thanks to two turnovers with 90 seconds to play. Poor ball management...but I still dream all my dreams in Jazz Blue. (sigh) Go Jazz.

Final Score: Jazz 109 Knicks 113

Number of times I said to myself outloud "I hate the Knicks"? 22

Reason #1,013 I hate the knicks (see below)


Ron Boone said...

I hate the Knicks even more. What irritates me the most is when teams like the Knicks who are worse than the Utah Starzz ever were, act like they are this years team to beat. Yea, yea, we lost to them so I have no room to talk but man that ticks me off. Did I mention I hate the Knicks?
P.S. Hey Whistle Sack, can I borrow your Marbury Jersey this week. My wife and I are hitting the Vortex and I thought that would look good with my new jeans.

Horny4-3 said...

Good God! I haven't seen so many lucky shots since B.Kass in Hoover, Al trying to impress P.Webb playing outside the mission home. What a lucky bunch of thugs! All in all the Jazz played well just some costly turnovers! Who could have predicted the Knickerbockers would have shot 88 percent from the field. (well beside whistlenuts and his Marbuy jersey)!

Horny4-3 said...

Whistlenuts should be able to lend you that jersey, I think he hasn't taken off that Jo. Beck jersey that he wore to the game on Saturday