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Monday, November 12, 2007

11.12.07 Jazz vs. Kings

1st Half

Despite the Kings 2-4 record, I am still really worried about this game. The Kings have won 5 of the last 6 against the Jazz. Remember last year when they came back from like 38 points down in the fourth to beat us? I do. We all do. It was comforting to know that Bibby and Crazy Ronald will not be playing. But that just meant some other guys was going to be the Jazz Killer for the night. Jazz need good starts and they are getting one tonight.

Boozer is an animal. For real, I wonder what kind of DNA that guy has pumping through his veins.

Giricek just hit a three from 10 feet behing the line, with a guy in his face, with the clock running down. Total luck shot, but you would never know it by looking at his face. He simply ran back down the court with a snooty Abercrombie model look like (In a crummy russian/european accent) "VVhat? I zuzed to do dat in my countrrry every zingle game...iz no biggy deal." It was awesome.
Here is a sweet movie of Giricek winning a stuffed animal at Lagoon for his girl.

Look at dudes bandana. He is gangsta pure and simple. I can't stop thinking "you play for the Jazz and you went to Lagoon with a wife beater and a freaking white bandana..." I am really laughing out loud right now (lol for your computer nerds). How come Giricek can come in and score 12 in the quarter and then not see playing time for the rest of the night. Random ol' J-slo coaching.

It seems like the Jazz are playing a high school charity game right now. Giving the Kings just enought room to not slit their wrists. There was just a sequence in which AK blocked a shot D-Will threw a full court pass, Memo missed a shot, it was a volleyball rebound that went to AK, he gave it back to Memo like "frrrend, pleased, try shot again", Memo missed again, another volleyball layup where Boozer gets the ball fakes out the three defenders around him on a simple pump fake, and simply tosses it off the glass for two points. They are literally playing with the Kings.

2nd Half

Jazz are really sticking it to the Kings now. Deron is pretty much non-existent this game. No fears though, Hitman Hart is having a career night (7 points in the third quarter). Watch Hart play defense, he looks like one of the BHS Girl Basketball players sliding out along the three point line during warm-ups (Congrats to Rand for having the all-time most intimidating and weird warm up).

Kings are fighting back, but as long as Bibby is on the bench, no one is worried. Did you see Bibby on the sideline? Brother has some hair. Not a good look for him. I think Deron is trying to bring the crappy too short for a white guy and too long for a black guy hair back. Deron will have an official bald spot by the 2009-2010 season.

Ronnie Brewer is simply amazing. I know there are a couple of guys on here who would happily let their wives surrogate a child on his behalf (Do you not see his little mexi/cuban/asian mustache?). I love his intensity. He really does bring it all the time he is on the court. He is in love with the 'fake like your turning to run up the court to play defense and quickly turn to steal the ball' move. Perhaps that is why I am in love with him. I would not be running to Fanzz to buy his jersey though. Jazz won't have the cash to re-sign him. I hate to think about three years down the road with this team. It makes me sad, so let's not worry about that right now. Jazz are rolling and should sweep this upcoming 3 game road trip.

Final Score: Jazz 117 Kings 93 (under 100, that is an accomplishment for our D right now)

Number of references to the "Kings Scouting Report" by Bolerjack: 14 (not including the 12 in the post game show)

Ronnie Brewer-Steal of the Night (as per


Boozers Hammy said...

Giricek really thinks that he is a brother. I hope he lives out in West Valley somewhere so he can fit in with all of the "Gangstas" out there. He needs to get a sweet tat now and then he would be an official bas-ass.

Ron Boone said...

I could see the rest of the team convince him that tatoo's of Unicorn's were really cool and then have him show up to the game with a Unicorn tatt on his lower back.

Boler, Jack said...

Ronnie Brewer-Steal of the night as per