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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Millsap sent to the D-League. Will play for the Utah Flash

It's official. John Millsap will be in a Utah Flash uniform this upcoming season. Nobody will be more proud than our own blogger Ron Boone. Booner is currently the VP of Marketing for the J.Millsap Fan Club.

Here is John's personal website: (I'm serious. Check out the photos section.)

I imagine a conversation similar to this one:

John: Hey Paul, you think I should get one'a dos sebwites...i mean websites?
Paul: Are you asking me for money again?
John: You know I'm good fo it. Aight? Hey momma....
Mom Millsap: Yes suga pie
John: You still got those clippings from the paper when I was in high school and tearing it up at University of Texas-San Antonio? I's gonna put dem on my new word wide wep pages.
Mom Millsap: Sure do suga.
John: Paul, can I borrow some lettuce (cash) to buy a scanner?
Paul: Are you asking me for money again?
John: You know I'm good fo it. Aight? Hey momma can you go wif me to the office depot?
Mom Millsap: Sure thing suga.
Paul: Please don't embarass me anymore John. Take off that Jazz jersery and quit signing my name.
John: Who you tripping Paul? Boy I gonna be tearing it up at da Flash, and real soon I gonna get mine. And it's you gonna be axing me fo lettuce (money)!

I could go on and on. This family need a reality show as of yesterday! Can you imagine the conversations between big brother and little brother? We need to get with Good Things Utah and get those two on the show. Talk about a tear jerker.


Ron Boone said...

First off, this news made my day. Then, it only got better once I went to his website. The beauty of this website is that it's real. None of this fake, corporate stuff. This is a poor mans website. And why would we expect anything else from a Millsap.
My favorite things about this site (in no particular order)
1. The beat. I can picture the Millsap boys bumpin the whole time this site is up. In fact, I bet when they go outside and shoot around, the pull the computer speakers to the window and bump this music over and over.
2. The Team Photo. John: "Hey man, this is all I got." Web Guru: "Nah man, that'll work, that'll work."
3. His Dikembe Mutumbo-esque picture on the homepage.
4. His Photo albums. Don't worry, your mouse isn't broken, those are the albums right there.
5. I love this. Go to media and click on the newspaper article. Check out how he has highlighted the good parts. This is why I love John.
6. Finally, the beauty of his Awards section is that he adds to his credibility by taking actual photos of the awards. Classic.
If this guy is not a starter by the end of the year I will be dissapointed.

MillsapFan said...

Your dry sarcasm is POINTLESS Ron Boone! You have proven to have no life and are struggling for a laugh. Well unfortunately...NOT FUNNY. Better Luck on your next comment