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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sad Jazz Fan

Memo is the most frustrating jazz man to watch play besides Collins ,and Hart. Nothing irritates me more then his lurpy ass size 17's stepping on the three point line. His inability to create a shot and his shoot every time I touch the ball attitude.
Keys to this game success will be.
1. D-Will not trying to make every pass a highlight reel.
2. Gordon planting his feet before making a move to the basket. He travels eveytime he tries to go to the hoop.Pass or shoot!!!
3. Go to Boozer as often as possible.
4. Make layups
We need a win tonight before we drop to 25th in the Hollingers power rankings.
Go Fight Win


Boler, Jack said...

I despise Hollingers Rankings. He was definately the last kid picked growing up. This just in, Basketball is not about Math or Theroms. I think he a dux. We need this game bad.

Boler, Jack said...

Also, I want Jerry to biatch slap Giricek the next time he does that pump travel. Just to humiliate him. The same way he humiliates every single coach he has ever had when he does that stupid move.