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Friday, November 2, 2007

Thoughts on the Rockets vs. Jazz

I think there were two factors that lead to the loss for the Jazz last night. 1st - The bench absolutely sucked, even Paul Millsap was horrible. Only Matt Hapring looked ready to play and that old man can only play for 5 minutes at a time. Giricek is already on his post season vacation, Collins is a stiff and Jason Hart needs to get sent down to the D-League immediately. I would seriously just let AK or Ronnie Brewer be the back up point guard right now. 2nd - Tracy MacGrady was unstoppable last night. I dont even think that the defense was that bad on him, he was just having one of those games. When it is all said and done that game obviously meant more to the Rockets than the Jazz and that is kind of pathetic for them. The Rockets were treating this like game 8 of the playoffs and the Jazz bench treated it like game 2 of a long season.


CB-Jack said...

I couldn't agree more. I am not a fan of either of our back up point guards, but at what point does J-Slo think "Hart sucks, I wonder how Ronnie Price would do?" and put him in. Honestly. Let the guys battle for it. Poor showing by the Jazz in my opinion.

Ron Boone said...

My thoughts, as well, in addition, from the game also:
I loved your running blog Mitch and could not agree more with your comments and frustrations. I have three ways to sum up last nights game:
1. It looks like Tracy McGrady is still sleeping with the officials. I know he is good, but could the officials have helped him out anymore. I absolutely hate the star treatment the NBA officials provide. Case in point was when Boozer swiped at the ball, completely missed the ball, but the refs blew the whistle and gave T-Dux a free throw. I hate it. It makes me not want to watch...but I still do.

2a. If last night does not convince Kevin O'Conner and the boys to go out and get a three point shooter I don't know what will. How many times did we fire off threes, miss, get the o-board, dish it out and miss another three. Pathetic. Go get someone now.
2b. Just want to remind everyone that during the offseason Sloan and the boys still make it a point not to learn how to guard the three. Good work gentleman.

and most importanly...
3.I honestly believe Sloan forgot Brewer was on our team. Maybe it was just me but I felt everytime Brewer was in the game he got us right back in it. He is good and Sloan needs to figure out whether or not he is going to red shirt the guy or let him play. If Brewer stays in the game we win. Easy to say now I guess.

So, there are my thoughts, a day later. Mitch said it best when he said that game was more important to the Rockets than it was the Jazz. Too bad because we can beat old T-Mac and the Rocketeers.
Oh, to end on a possitive note. We own Yao.