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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

11.7.07 Jazz vs. Cavaliers

1st Half

Word of the Half: Turnover. Definition as per the WNBA: Loss of ball, either through an errant pass (D-Will) or dribble (Hitman Hart) or an offensive foul (Boozer)

Cavs are sitting with 13 TO's while the Jazz have posted an amazing 10 TO's in the first half. That's not bad for the Jazz you say. You're right, but 6 of those are courtesy of D-Will. He is trying to do too much. Good think we don't have many nationally televised games because our guys go AND1 out there and start streetballing. Deron is also shooting 1-7, and 0-2 on 3's. Utah is still in this game thanks to great free throw shooting and one Paul Millsap. I hope the 2nd half is better and Utah can pull away. They should be up by at least 10 the way Bron Bron is shooting. Let's cross our fingers.

2nd Half

Why can't we shake these guys? Deron seems to have picked it up, but his shot is just not falling tonight.

Bron Bron is coming on and I'm sticking to my prediction of Jazz by 4, but it could be closer (prediction verified by Cody Nesbit). Lebron just hit an amazing 3 with Brewer in his face, only to be out done by D-Will and his game winning lay-up.
Deron wanted the ball. I love how Jerry has the confidence to let him run with it. I like when coaches do that because very seldom do you see the defense recover in that situation. Well, I'm off to take some blood pressure medicine. A good and much needed win for the Jazz. The schedule looks really favorable for about the next 8-10 games. We should make a good run. Remember, every win that is accompanied by a Denver loss is huge for us. I almost wanted to delete all of my Deron hating in my 1st Half post, but we have to keep it honest.

Final Score: Jazz 103 Cavaliers 101

Mitch's Blood Pressure: 150/90


Horny4-3 said...

I never like to watch Jazz games that are this close BUT this is a great way to get a young team confidence against a good eastern team (if there is such a one)! Hopefully this translates well into other close games this year for the Jazz (especially those D*#@ Spurs!)

Boozers Hammy said...

Agreed on the turn-overs. I am pretty sure that I witnessed a stretch in this game where both teams turned the ball over on 7 or 8 consecutive trips down the court.

Ron Boone said...

Good call on the "AND1" boys. I'm glad you noticed that. I think D-Will was excited to play on prime time. Although his pass between the legs to Booze hound was sweet, did he really have to try and pass one off the backboard. I can't beleive Sloan didn't bench him for the night.
It was an Ugly "W" but it is still a "W" and I will take it. Props to Ron-Ron and Milsap. They are the next Horny and Brown Bear!