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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We need a Hart transplant!

No Jazz game tonight, thank goodness. They need the day off to remember how to play defense. I hope that J-Slo puts them through about 120 minutes of hell for practice yesterday and today. No shooting the ball should be allowed, just drills to keep you in front of the player you are defending. I would also make Okur and Boozer take about 250 charges from Matt Harpring to toughen them up a little. Those two are non-existent on defense most of the time. I feel bad for AK trying to pick up the garbage that gets left behind there.

I am now on a quest to get Jason Hart kicked off the team, I have stats to back me up as well. Check out his on court vs. off court stats from Basically this means that over the course of a game when the Jazz have 100 possesions we would lose by an average of 29.3 points if Jason Hart was in charge for those posessions. Just to hammer that point home even more if you compare him to D-Will whose on court vs. off court is a possitive 26.7 over 100 pessesions you would see that there is a diference of 56 points per game in production between the two. Both of the losses that the Jazz have had this year can be attributed to Jason Hart in some way. I know that it is a small sample size in games, but can we please try Ronnie for a few games. When the starters did not come on the floor at the begining of the 4th agains the Lakers they were down by 1. After 2 minutes they were down by 9 and the route was on.

During the next 3 day layoff for the Jazz I will look further into the abyss know as Jarron Collins. If you ever see Hart and Collins on the floor at the same time go and get some action from your wife, dog, aunt or some random hooker because the game is O-V-E-R over! The deficet that those two will put the Jazz in would be too big for the original Dream Team to overcome.


whistle nuts said...

I could not agree more, great posting

Boler, Jack said...

After looking at your link, I am speechless...

I am interested to know how we could buy out Dee Brown's contract. For serious.