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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where are They Now....Curtis Borchardt

A few of us Bloggers have discussed including a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly, who gives a shi# how often, "Where are They Now" report on our blog. Well, things are hopping at work so I figured I would start.

Where are they now Part 1.: Curtis "Broken Foot" Borchardt

I chose Borchardt because in this Cowboy's mind, he will go down as one of the worst picks the Jazz ever made. (No offense Personally Borchardt.) Why? You may ask....Maybe it was the fact that he had sat out 25 games of his college career with a broken foot, nah, that wasn't it. I just really liked this Boozer guy and thought he would work out better...better yet any of the following players taken after our 19th pick (so I guess we didn't actually draft him, we took Ryan Humphrey and then traded for him. My Bad. Talk about one of the lamest transactions in NBA history. ) Anyhow, on to a few of the players taken after our pick:

20. TOR Kareem Rush 21. POR Qyntel Woods 22. PHO Casey Jacobsen 23. DET Tayshaun Prince 24. NJN Nenad Krstic 25. DEN Frank Williams 26. SAS John "Jazz Killer" Salmons 27. LAL Chris Jefferies 28. SAC Dan Dickau ..and then the Booze-Hound in the 2nd Round.

So, where is Borchardt. Well, after a stint with the Celtics in '05-'06 where he averaged 5 minutes a game and 1 point per game he was off to Spain to play for C.B Granada. where he averages 15.9 points a game. Well, he did until he got hurt. Get well soon Borchardt. You are making a lot more money than all of us.

Well, until next time, I'm out.



Anonymous said...

your blog is terrible. the suns will dominate you in the playoffs.

Boozers Hammy said...

Dear Anonymous, The Jazz are 4 and 2 over the last 6 games with the Suns and we went to the conference finals last year. Both stats are undeniable scoreboard vicories for the Jazz. Thanks for the support though!