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Monday, January 28, 2008

1 win = 5 spots in the standings

We are back where we belong, at the top of the Northwest division and the 4th seed in the west. I am almost ready to remove the dillusional part of the optomistic fan club. The Jazz are looking very confident, very sharp and very capable of keeping up this type of play. Lets hope that they have really turned the corner.

A few thoughts on some Jazz and Spurs players:
Hornacek should get coach of the year for his work with AK. Andrei is actually living up to his nick-name and his contract right now. Korver was the missing link for the Jazz, as far as I am concerned he can not take a bad shot. Price is better than Hart, at least he can get to the rim at the end of quarters and make something happen. Hart just turns it over. I hope J-Slo keeps him in that spot for the rest of the year. I know that the Dingle -Nuggies are our official rival (thanks for the loss tonight by the way), but it feels really good to beat the Spurs. I can't stand every single player on that team, starting with Ginoboli and ending with Ginoboli. I really hate that kid, he's so smug and such a floper.

The best part about this game were the quotes. There were some really great unintentially funny one-liners tonight and here they are:

  1. From Ron Boone early in the first quarter, speaking about Timmy: "I'll tell you something else he is good at, swimming." Thanks Ron, I will sleep better tonight knowing that if Tim Duncan ever falls out his boat he will be able to swim to shore safely.
  2. From Jerry Sloan in the third quarter to one of the Refs: "How about a f*(%!^g walk!?" I love it when the camera man gets too close to Jerry, you can guarantee that an F-bomb is going to make it onto live T.V.
  3. From Andrei during the post game interview about Kyle Korver: "The old lady crowd likes him, what we can do?" I'll tell you what we can do Andrei, we can bring a bunch of old ladies over to his house for good luck.

Thanks for the win and for the comedic relief Jazz. Keep it rollin!


Horny said...

I second your idea of giving coach of the year to Horny! I love AK with some swagger! Any win over the Spurs is a good win. I also hate ALL those guys, I love Timmy and his almost ready to cry face when he doesn't get EVERY SINGLE CALL HIS WAY! BOO HOO, go back to the Alamo! Funny quotes! especially Booners, he sure keeps us in the game!

Stevia Suave said...

Something about Ginobli irritates me to no end, I think it may be his ability to get ridiculous calls in his favor, or his traveling, or that it all works for him.

Good quotes. Korver is dreamy in a strictly no homosexual way. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Ron Boone said...

First off, I hate Manu. The highlight of the game for me was when he got called for the offensive foul after pushing Korver, I beleive it was. All year he has been getting that call so the look on his face when they called it on him was priceless.
My other favorite thing from last night's game, was Booner adament that we were going to break the 100point mark. I swear the Jazz didn't hit the 100 mark just to tick him off. Guaranteed Boler tipped the team off at the end of the third. "I'll take you all to Ruth Chris if you come up short." Booner's night was ruined.
Final Thought: Korver should win MVP....But do you think Harpring is mad that he is stealing all of his Subway Sub of the Game trophies?