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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thank you Atlanta!

Thanks to the Atlanta Hawks, the Jazz and Nuggets go into tomorrow nights game with just one game separating them in the standings. Yes, I may be making a bigger deal out of this game than I should, especially considering it's the first of four games between the two, plus there is a lot of season left for either team to distance themselves from the other. However, I have to say I was pretty pumped to see the Hawks take the Nuggets last night.

That is two losses in a row for the Nuggets and four wins in a row for the Good Guys. (No offense to the Nugg Doctor.) Now if we could just get the Blazers to lose 12 in a row I think we will be in good shape.
I'll save the speculation and predictions for tomorrow nights game for later, but the question I have for everyone, is who would you consider to be the Jazz biggest rival? (And is Jazz plural by itself? know like Deer or Fish....or do you say Jazz's. I would say it's plural by itself but hey, I want to make it clear that I am a Car Salesman not a school teacher. Eye amm knot tht smurt.)
Maybe C.B. Jack can make this a poll, or not. But I would narrow it down to these three:
1. Denver
B. Golden State
III. San Antonio
and L.A. Lakers
and Houston
and maybe Sacramento.
I wish we had an established rival so every time we played that rival we could get drunk and go to work dressed in our Jazz shirts...which I am sure Whistle Nuts is wearing right now....and paint our faces. If you have a huge rivalry game it seems you can just get away with stuff like that. Unlike the time we played the Wizards and I came in wearing my Jazz Shirt, Jazz Hat, Jazz Fleece Pajama Pants and Slippers and everyone here at work was like...."oh, do the Jazz play today." So, I think us Jazz bloggers need to get something going and even if it never gets any bigger than this Blog at least we will know there are a few people that care. Well, until next time.


Boozers Hammy said...

We need to be rooting for the Celtics tonight as well, they can beat Portland and then all of the sudden its a race again.

One thing to mention about the established rival, the other team needs to recognize it as a rival as well. According to Booner's list, that only leaves the McNuggets and the Warriors as possible rivals in my mind. The Lakers could care less about the Jazz and same with the Spurs. They both have other rivals already in place. The Nuggets seem like a good fit because we are close geographically, in the same division, and both decent enough that it is not too one sided. The Warriors on the other hand are the Anti-Jazz and fit the bill in a Nazi vs. Democracy kind of mold. Plus, we own them so it is fun for us. All they can hang their hat on is one dunk by Baron "my mom and dad are apes" Davis over AK. I will take my 6 and 1 record over the lat 7 games any day. The fianl verdict is that our rival should be the McNuggets.

Ron Boone said...

I agree Hammy. The nice thing about the Nuggets is that it's always anyone's game and if you get beat, although it sucks, it's not like you just lost to the Bobcats....wait, didn't we lose to them? You get my point. And on the other hand, when you win, you can feel really good about. Good enough to run smack until the next time we play them.

Whistle said...

;i beleive the jaz "is" not plurl- until u put a semi colon ater it. trust me, on these 1?

UtesFan89 said...

The plural thing is really confusing. So, instead of saying the Jazz('s?) biggest rival, I say... the biggest rival of the Jazz. A bit more wordy (by 2 words), but it avoids all confusion that at times (like with a lack of sleep and after a day of school) could take me ages to get past to finish a post.

As for the Rival... the Nuggets. They're normally the biggest competition the Jazz have for the conference (Minnesota rarely competed, Seattle had only 1 good year recently and the Blazers have been bad till this year).

Though if you don't look at the reverse side, it'd be the Lakers. The hatred is big there... even before the defections of Malone and Fish. And the teams met in the playoffs fairly often back in the Stockton/Malone v. Kobe/Shaq days.

Horny said...

As a teacher (not and english teacher who would never make a mistake with grammar and sound like a complete jack ass and be called out on it on a Jazz blog?????????) I would have to say Jazz, is plural, if not I am sure someone reading this top notch Jazz blog, probably the best in the state, will correct you! I think there are people who have a lot of time to correct blog grammar out there. I think it would be useful like in Microsoft where you could use a red line to underline incorrect grammar, that would make the blog even better!