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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Top 8 reasons to watch the Jazz vs. McNuggets

Why 8 things you ask, because I am predicting that D-will is going destroy the Nuggies and 8 is his number. A little Karma never hurt anyone. On to the list -

1 - It’s a mid-season playoff game:
Seriously, this game means something. I know it is only January and we are barely half way through the season but this game is B-I-G big. At least for the Jazz it is, we need this win like AK needs another free pass. A win tonight goes a long to proving that we are back and ready to play as champions.

2 - Cornrows and Headbands vs. Side-parts and Sport Jackets (with dickies):

3 - Can the Jazz win a road game?
Seriously, can they? The Jazz are 6 - 14 on the road this year and have only prevailed in 1 of their last 11 roadies. (Just saw something that made me feel better about this though - the Nuggies are 7 -10 on the road and the Blazers are 6-11. We are not the only team in this division that sucks on the road.)

4 - Could it be an all powder blue jersey night?
How much do we have pay to see this? Seriously, lets find out and make it happen.

5 - Who is going to play defense?
Both teams are giving up over 100 points per night. The chances of this game being low scoring are as slim as the chance that David Harrison is not doing drugs.

6 - Who’s the better duo – D-will and Booze or Melo and AI?
Booze and D-Will Combined Stats - 42.4 Pts / 13.7 Rebs / 12.0 Ast
Melo and AI Combined Stats - 52.7 Pts / 9.9 Rebs / 10.4 Ast

7 - Who throws a better party – A.I. or A.K.?

8 -Will we see a white out from the Jazz?
This could be a legitimate lineup on the floor for the Jazz. And it would a pretty good one too.
C - Memo Okur
F - Andrei Kirilenko
F - Matt Harpring
G - Kyle Korver
G - Deron Williams (He's mostly white - click here and scroll down to # 8)

3 Final predictions on the game:
Final Score: Jazz 124 - McNuggets 116
D-will puts 2 Nuggie point guards on the floor with a cross over move and scores at least 35
Melo and AI combine for 75


C.B. Jack said...

Speechless. This has to be one of the most well thought out posts in My Utah Jazz history. Careful Hammy. You may have just picked up a weekly assignment to write 'reasons to watch the Jazz this week'. Outstanding journalism my friend.

I think the double baby blue jersey idea is one of the best I've heard in a long time. Can you imagine the pure chaos? HotRod would pass out 3 minutes into the second quarter.

Deron would have 6 assists in the first 5 minutes and 3 of them off of alley-oops to Melo.

Ron Boone said...

Although the entire post was classic, I am going to be honest: You could write an article about the History of Bean Bags and as long as you had that picture of Harpring and D-Will in the Dickies, that post will be put on the top of my list.
Nice Work Hammy.

Ron Boone said...
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