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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Suns @ Jazz - Preview

So Accuscore has the Jazz as the favorite in tonight's game. The only explanation for that is that they are playing at the ESA. I'm liking the Jazz in this game, but there are a few things I am worried about:

1. Deron Williams on National TV: We don't have good luck in these games. We go from "old school" basketball to the NBA's version of AND1. You'll see more missed alley-oops and bad between the leg passes tonight than a bunch of 9th graders who got cut from the freshman team playing Dunk Ball in the back yard. Although this post by Hammy proves otherwise.

Deron, don't do this:

Deron, please do this:

2. The Jazz will allow Leandro Barbosa to go for 30+ pts mainly because they'll think "hey what the hell is a Suns ballboy doing bringing the ball up the court?" They'll try to ask him in person, he'll respond in Brazilian, and the Jazz will figure he was some sort of contest winner who gets to play in a real game.

Speaking of Brazilian, here is the best Brazilian joke I've ever heard.

President Bush calls on of his aids into his office and asks for an update on the war in Iraq.
"Boy, what's the situational with the war in Iraq?"
The aid shuffles through some papers and replies, "Let's see here, it look like we lost a Brazilian soldier in a bombing..."
President Bush throws his head into his hands, extremely distraught he begins saying under his breath "No...No....not a Brazilian...not a Brazilian",
The aid asks him, "Mr. President are you okay?"
President Bush replies, " Just give it to me straight kid, how many is a Brazilian?"

(Cue light laughter and cue head shaking from President Bush supporters)

3. Steve Nash. Oh wait, he's not playing tonight? "After Wednesday's win, Nash didn't travel with the team to Utah, but may rejoin the team before this game. " Good news for Jazz fans. Not everyone is happy with the Suns play at this point in the season. Check out this post from Basketbawful.

This will be a close game, but I have a feeling the Jazz will win this one, mainly because of the Suns OT win against the *coughing and laughing* Pacers may have drained their starters energy.

This is the closest thing I could find to a video preview of tonight's game:

You know what really ticked me off? I watched the whole thing, and then the idiots ended it after the end of the 3rd quarter. What the heck (Utahn for hell)? Thanks for leaving me hangin idiots.

So my prediction: Jazz 114, Suns 102

I'm really looking forward to more classic NBA moments like this one from the last Phoenix/Utah meeting.

UPDATE: Looks like the Jazz will be without Kirilenko as well.


Ron Boone said...

Thanks YouTube for not allowing us to watch any of the videos...or is it just me having issues?
Anyway, good post. Point Taken, even without the videos.
Where is brittle boned Kirilenko anyway. I must have missed that ordeal.
As much as I like watching Nash, he has my ok to sit this one out. Take a break bud.
My Predictions:
W/Out Nash: Jazz 107 Suns 100
With Nash: Jazz 123 Suns 122
3 Pointers by Korver: 4
And 1 Tourney Moments by D-Will: 6
Loud Yells By Boozer: 8
Bathroom Breaks by Me: 26
Times I will tell my Wife "I will be Right There", only to take 20 minutes to get there: 11

Ron Boone said...

YES! Got the videos to work. Nice Work.
Hey, is that Billy Bob Thornton doing the play by play on the Video?

UtesFan89 said...

Love the joke!