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Friday, January 11, 2008

Ain't no party like an AK party!

Ever wondered how NBA players spend their Christmas/New Years work party? Well, the Utah Jazz answered that question for us all.

Check out this priceless link I found on Hardwood Paroxysm.

It's gets even better. What the hell is CJ wearing? A T-shirt? An effing T-Shirt CJ? Reason #312-A that I don't like you.

I'm speechless, yet I feel a little violated.

This had to be the comment of the year over on

Jack Brown said...
I'm a little disheartened that even NBA parties are not immune to the dreaded sausage fest situation.


Ron Boone said...

Quite possibly the most entertaining post of the year...courtesy of "Mrs. Camp Cleavage Kirilenko."
CJ, CJ, CJ. Just because 7-11 just because 7-11 is selling the Lizard shirts for half-off doesn't mean you have to wear it.
Also, guaranteed D-Will came in with the argyle Sweater Vest as well and once he realized Booze and Collins had one on he stripped down to his white tee.
Thanks for sharing that with everyone. Loved the Pics.

Boozers Hammy said...

Umm, I thought that our Jazz were good church going boys, but apparently not. Masha wins the most cleavage award. I think Jarron Collins is looking in her direction when the picture got taken. Did you see that smirk? This is best link of the Jazz so far.

Pick-n-Roll said...

Thanks CB for another post that made me hate AK even more..Nice why his a$$ hasnt been able to shoot for 7 years, he's a damn swinger..Rumor has it J-Slo crashed the party around 11:59 to ensure nobody violated the team curfew..

I translated one of these headlines..."I bite the fingers of that Киря has gone " on left " The Hell with AK sometimes..

Basketball John said...

Holy crap. Did AK use up his freebie already this year with that pic? And I don't think it's cleavage any more when there's more hanging out than what's not shown.

Boozers Hammy said...

Good point on the not being cleavage. Maybe we should call that occurance showing Masha in honor of the founder.

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