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Friday, January 18, 2008

Things That I Can't Stand !!!!

1. Anyone who flops to draw a foul from the officials. A.I. may be the biggest flopper in the league. Although the Jazz have some great actors too. Such as Jason Hart, Jaron Collins, A.k. and Harpring. I think the N.B.A. needs to give a foul to the person who flops, It is getting way out of hand. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching the world cup. Next thing you know when we score a basket everyone is going to yell gooooooooaaaaaaaallllllllll.

2. Boozer is driving me nuts. He is the worst defender in the league for being such a great scorer. Sometimes he looks like he doesn't give any effort on defense at all.

3. Fake injuries are a big thing I hate. You get a guy falling down for anything and he acts like he torn his A.C.L. or broke something. Then amazingly he gets the ball seconds later and he is back to 100%. I think if anyone delays the game for 1 second he should have to sit out at least 10 possession's. Guys like A.I., Tracy McGrady and D-Wade would never see the floor.

4. Next time the Jazz have the ball with no shot clock usually in the second quarter and Jason Hart has the ball he takes the shot every freaking time. Watch for it. He has yet to make one this season. But is his mind he's a scorer. Booner said, something interesting the I totally agree with he said. " Jason Hart must be the best practice player ever because its amazing he is even in the league". I'm sorry he might be a good guy and I honestly feel bad coming down on him, but he is not good.

5. Why on earth can't Deron play 48 minutes is he in that bad of shape. His numbers would be up like Chris"I never get taken out of the game because if my coach did we would lose"Paul. When he is out we can't do anything on the offensive end.

6. In my opinion Korver can shoot every time he touches it. They are always good shots and if he misses, it barely misses.He battles on defense I love that he is on our team.

7. Jerry Sloan sometimes puts in the dumbest line ups and sits guys like Korver when their hot. Jerry Sloan needs to start calling timeouts when our team gives up 4 uncontested baskets in a row and give them an ass chewing. It seems like this year he is letting the officials call whatever they want. I think he needs to show a little emotion, get a "T" even better get thrown out in our behalf.

8. It amazes me what players can say, and get away with doing in a basketball game to officials. If I were an official and I had a player whining about ever call.I would go out of my way to make every call go against them. But it seems like the officials baby the superstar for complaining.

9. The Jazz will be lucky to get a seed higher than 8th

The Whistle


Stevia Suave said...

Hey guys I love the blog. A few comments about the game. Why is putting your knee into someone's back not considered a technical? Was the All-Star Kleiza just congratulating Korver?
Korver was the only one who played with any heart yesterday. Derron's ball control is horrendous in games when they are behind. Half the time he just hands the ball to the defender, “I don’t know what I was going to do with this, do you have any suggestions.”
Which leads me to my final thought, that the Jazz have determined the best way to get into the highlights on ESPN is to let their opponents have career nights.

Horny said...

I agree, What was with that kick in the back by Kleiza? Hell, like whistle nuts said, if they won't call flops, why call kicking someone in the back!

Ken said...

Whistle, your post was like reading my mind. Right on point. *sigh* I'm too upset to say anymore.

UtesFan89 said...

Right on with your points. I make the same points in my recap (actually, in most of my recaps)... especially about the flopping/superstar love and Sloan's line-ups.
As for Deron... Sloan has stuck with the minutes/rotation he used at the end of Stockton's career. Which means Deron will never play long enough... and Jason Hart will always play too much.
Oh and timeouts... Sloan saves them like nothing else. Horribly frustrating.