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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1.2.08 Jazz vs. Sixers

Look at this picture.

Doesn't it look good? Let me just say that Booner said it right when he posted his awkward post (see below). This game had "Days of our Lives" written all over it. I bet Giricek handed Korver a note with his personal shooting coaches number on it. It said something like this: Go see Danny at the Lagoon Quick Shot. He did wonders for my shot, and I won a $#!* load of teddy bears there. Here is his number. Love, GG-10 (That is what the Jazz fans called me).

As an out of the closet Giricek fan, I can honestly say I like him while he was here. But now? I don't miss him. I still think he has a place in the NBA. He was a huge part in the Jazz getting past Houston last year, but I will take Korver and his 92% career free throw shooting any day of the week. What a great feeling to have someone who could knock down clutch free throws at the end of the game. Now we won't have to bring Araujo back from Europe to shoot our technical shots.

How about Iguadololaouala's dunk in the first half. I was speechless. That guy is a pure athlete. Too bad he has no leadership qualities and will be another Gilbert Arenas; good for a few highlights, but will never be respected in the league.

CJ (I'm not a fan) Miles is playing some serious ball right now. I love that elbow three that he has been hitting. I just don't see him staying with the Jazz after this season, and I am fine with that. I vow to never be a CJ fan. He reminds me too much of my 13 year old nephew who laughs at everything. Even the stuff he does good, or his own jokes.

Good win for the Jazz. It got close at the end, but I never thought this one was out of their hands. Now let's head up to Portland and pluck those Trailblazers. Get it? Pluck those Trailblazers? Like hairs? Like the ones that lead up to...ah nevermind.

Final Score: Jazz 110 Sixers 107 (Very close to Booners prediction I might add. Nice call Booner, you are a true fan...I love that new Celtics jersey you bought by the way.)


Ron Boone said...

...but part of all of us was scared sh&$less when he missed that free throw down the stretch. I started to wonder if there was a Jazz curse. However, he pulled it together and made three or four in a row.
On an unrelated note, if I have to login to this freaking blog one more time I am going to shoot someone. When you click the box titled "Remember Me" shouldn't it remember me? Good night, this is driving me nuts. Well, see you later.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the log-in Bull$#@! I can't remember how to long on and thus no crappy comments from me. Not that you all give a rats ass! Booner, very good comment on awkward moments, I thought I had forgot about the L.H. "you know TOO much of this guy" Miller's episode! I am a Corber or Korver fan! He's so damn cute!

PS where do you go to post comments? A little help anybody?