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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thank God Football Was On Tonight!

Great Job Jazz! I love how we let mediocre players on the opposite team look like ALLSTARS! Congrats M. Webster, you are unstoppable, well at least anytime you play the Jazz! Good thing you skipped out on college and made the jump!

This game was hard as hell too watch! They sucked me in with their great defense in the first half and then made me suffer as I watched them give away another game! Who didn't have a big night on the Trailblazers??? Thank God football was on and the Steelers lost!

Last little complaint and then I am going to try and settle down so I can go to sleep. J. Slo I know you only get 37 time outs per half but do you think you could use one, even if it is only a 30 second time out to stop a run by the other team?? I love the J. Slo theory of let them play it out until we are down by 12 or more!

PS: How do you know J. Slo doesn't give a crap about winning? Jarron "Booners favorite interview" Collins gets to play!

Still a Jazz Fan! Is are next game the trailblazers??? M. Webster could get some more Allstar votes

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gudmund said...

Not sure why you have a picture of Gary Coleman next to your comments on Martell Webster ... Are you confusing him with Webster from the '80s sitcom? FYI, they are not the same person ...