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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Bitterness Strike is over (along with the Nookie)

Well, I am officially done with the bitterness strike, and it is time to party! I am now kicking off the Dillusionally Optomistic Fan Campaign (D.O.F.C.) of 2008. This campaign will include numerous references to the Jazz "Being Back", "Finding their groove" and "Playing at a championship level". There will be outrageous predictions of winning road games without any proof that it is actually possible. I will also talk in reverent terms usually reserved for ecclesiastical leaders when referencing members of this Jazz team. Of course, this campaign could end as quickly as it started with the next 2 game road trip. However, I do have a few numbers to back up the D.O.F.C. just to prove that some of our dillusions are valid.

According to John Holinger of the Jazz are the 5th best team in the league and 3rd in the west. Additionally, the Jazz are 6 - 4 in their last 10 games - and based on the winning % of the teams they have played over that span (it's .581), they have played the 2nd toughest schedule in the league trailing only the Clippers (.595). Compare that to the Blazers who over their last 10 games are 8 - 2 against competion with a .431 winning percentage. So during that same 10 game span they are 2 games better than the Jazz (which is exactly the ammout of games they are ahead of us in the standings), but did it against a bunch of pansies and have a bunch of tough games coming up. This should bring them back to the pack a bit. Furthermore, both Denver and Portland have played 4 or 5 more home games than road games and the Jazz have played 2 more road games than home games. Thats 6 or 7 more games on the road that the Blazers and Nuggets will be playing while the Jazz will be beating up on the T-Wolves and Clippers in Salt Lake. Is it too early to start plannig the victory parade?


Ken said...

Count me in on the D.O.F.C. The Jazz have looked like "the team of yesteryear" these past few games.

I mean, Hart made not just one, but 2 good plays in that last game against the Magic. That's more than enough to fill me with over-the-top optimism. When he got his first assist (imagine that, he actually knows how to set up someone for a basket!!!!) in the game, I just about creamed my pants. By the time he got 3 more dimes, I knew "the Jazz were back"!!!

(I realize how bizarre it is that I use Jason Hart's play as a barometer for how the Jazz are doing)

Question/poll: Which player preparing to take a jumpshot makes you cringe more?

- A.K. last season
- Jason Hart this season

Ron Boone said...

There is nothing that says "party" more than that Dog in the pic. I busted out the Margarita's as soon as I saw that.
Go Jazz!

Ron Boone said...

C. All of the Above.