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Friday, January 18, 2008

1.17.07 Jazz @ Nuggets

There is a good reason as to why I didn't post my recap last night. Not only did I want to sleep it off to keep my post from becoming rated R, but I didn't want to give the McNugget's fans the joy of reading my anguish. Oh, and guess what McNugget fans, we hate the McNugget's with more venom than you could ever hate our Jazz.

1st Half:

The Jazz came out with good energy and looked like they wanted to get a quick jump on the McNugget's. Memo hit his first two shots which usually means he'll have a great night. Things were rolling along just fine until David Stern called the Pepsi Center and spoke with the refs, reminding them that AI is an "untouchable superstar" and that they should try to get as many calls as possible to go his way. Because nobody wants an unhappy Allen Iverson, after all, he is what the NBA is all about.

I agree with Whistle in his earlier post that the flops have got get under control. There are flops, and then there are FLOPS. All I can say is Iverson uses his body better than any guard in the league, and while I think he is incredibly gifted offensively, he is just as dirty as Stockton on the defensive end. I hate him. He is everything wrong with the NBA.

On another note:


Did you ever see the story on the twins where one is black and the other is white? Well here is another one for you.

Both guys love playing the Jazz. Must run in their blood.

I could care less if someone goes off for 41 pts on us, after all we're a horrible defensive team. But tell me his name is Linas? That's a serious slap in the face. Speaking of face, look at him in this picture. You know he is talking to himself in the third person "Linas, you are de bestest player in Nuggets stadium right now. In the faces Iverson and Melo."

2nd Half:

Jazz blew it in the 3rd quarter. Why are we such a horrible road team? I've never seen a team so slow to get back on the defensive end.

Three numbers to show why the Jazz lost this game.
11, 24, 41

Here is the box score, I'm sure you'll find what they mean real quick.

Final Score: Jazz 109, McNuggets 120

Final Thoughts:

I hate the McNuggets. Can't wait to get them in the ESA and have our boys roll over them just like last year.

Jerry Sloan has lost his fire. He never gets mad, never gets T'd up like he used to. I don't get it. Maybe Herriman has made him soft. This is the most excited I've seen him all season.
Time to get real Jerry and go back to your old self (except please call some timeouts when the other team is on a 12-0 run.)

Do I really need to make a comment about this picture?

Gettin' Jiggy with it.
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Whistle said...

Jazz need to bring back hoffa for a little toughness. Loved the picture of Deron giving it to Iverson.

Whistle said...

C.B. you would know this better than anybody. I was wondering how many years are on each players contracts and much we are paying them.Like you said it might be a good thing if Deron doesn't make the allstar team, Although he is on team U.S.A.

Ken said...

C.B. - I love this blog and your posts. It's nice to know that there are others that are just as miserable and bitter the day after a POS game. I can't until Feb. 6th when we can go back to Denver and let LINAS FREAKING KLEIZA drop 40 on us again. Woohoo.

If Sloan threw Fesenko in, at the very least there would be a few bloodied noses and A.I. wouldn't be laughing his way to the free throw line. Man we suck.

Boozers Hammy said...

The good thing about the Jazz playing on the road is you only have to dedicate enough time to watch the first half. After that you can do what ever the hell you want because it is the same old story in the second half. Get your faces kicked in by a scrub in the 3rd quarter and put it on cruise control for a 10 point loss. I have an idea for the Jazz lets try another weak ass turn around with Marcus Camby guarding you. Or better yet, dont box the guy out, he doesn't hustle for rebounds our anything. I really wonder if the Jazz even look at a players strengths and weaknesses before a game because they put that game on a golden lolly pop stick for Camby. I am still too pissed to talk about Linus. I refuse to believe that we got beat by Charlie Brown's little brother.

Nugg Doctor said...

At least you got who gets mentioned first when you talk about Nuggets bloggers right!

Say word!

Now say, "Linas!"

Until we meet again...