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Sunday, January 13, 2008

1.13.08 Jazz vs. Magic


So that we all understand tonight's opponent, here is a quick photo history of how the Orlando Magic became the winning team they are today.
That pretty much sums it all up.

I, like most people, were a little amazed when Orlando took Howard over Okafor in the draft. I had seen small video montages on ESPN where they made him out to be the perfect church going athlete. Exactly what the NBA isn't. Somehow he has figured out how to stay the religious respectable kid, yet still dominate the NBA. This guy is incredible. Booner and I saw him single handedly destroy the Jazz at the Delta Center two years ago and that performance alone had me worried about tonight's game.

Not to fear though. The Jazz had a few tricks up their sleeve.

The Jazz played really well tonight. Memo has officially returned to All-Star form (ok, All-Star substitute form) and Booze Hound is honestly an animal. Memo played out of his mind despite being in foul trouble most of the game. He shoots 10-15 from inside the arc, and 4-5 from the deep line and played under 30 minutes.

I was impressed with Boozers ability to get 10 rebounds despite Howard being on the floor most of the game. I never planned on anyone shutting down Howard, but we were at least able to match his intensity.

What was up with the ref understanding Turkish tonight? Both Memo and Hedo get technical fouls after they were called for a violation and were talking in Turkish. Good on you NBA to teach your refs the five major swear words in the main tongues of the NBA. Now if the refs can only pass on their wisdom to the officials at the scorers tables.

Stan Van Gundy is one whiny man. I don't know why he cries so much, considering he is the only Van Gundy with a coaching job right now. Honestly though, have you ever seen more bitter beer faces from one man during a 150 minute stretch? He reminds me of an angry beaver (and Ron Jeremy...weird, beaver and Ron Jeremy in the same paragraph. Not like that hasn't happened before). Go figure...

The Jazz have now won 3 in a row and 4-5. We're just 2 1/2 games behind the Blazers and McNuggets. I feel like the Jazz are playing with confidence and intensity. January will be a good month to all of us if they can keep it up, minus our not getting any nookie. I still predict this team to win the Northwest Division. They will make up a lot of ground when the McNuggets games start next week.

Final Score: Jazz 119, Dwight's team 115

PS. Hey Magic fans, how about a Jarron Collins/Dwight Howard trade straight up? We'll even throw in....some signed Jose Ortiz memorabilia and a Utah Jazz Carlos Arroyo lunch box. Sleep on it and let me know.


UtesFan89 said...

Not seeing a Flop for Howard deal, even with the memorabilia and lunch box. I'm leaning more towards a Harpring for Turkoglu deal. Was trying to throw Flop in too, but that causes more complications. Like JJ Redick. And we know that the Jazz don't need more 2-guards. Especially 3-point specialist 2-guards that can't make the 3-ball.

Boozers Hammy said...

I think that Dwight Howard just went to the foul line again.

Ron Boone said...

Is that D. Howard coming straight out of the womb? (spell check)
Wow, nice work. That one has to be up there with Masha "Camp Cleavage" Kirilenko as best pics of the blog.