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Thursday, January 3, 2008

One of those Days

Just thought I would share a few videos with you since that's all I've been doing all day. Well, that and shooting on this little hoop that I put on the back of my door. Busy time in the car industry that's for sure.

Top 10 Bloopers:
What happens to Millsap happens to me everytime I play basketball.

Top 10 Plays of 2007:
I hate Manu and Baron.

Top 10 Long Balls:
I practice these every week....just in case I need to chuck one up when we play the 4th ward.




Horny4-3 said...

Is there any job openings at Nate Wade? I want more time to look at youtube! They are very interesting to watch, thanks for doing all the hard work to sort out the good ones Booner! By the way when is the big game against the 4th ward? I heard they have a ringer team this year!

Ron Boone said...

It's not that easy Horny, we've got a long list of people wanting to get in here at the N.W. Nothing better than surfing YouTube all day knowing you are getting paid for it....oh wait, I'm not. Anyone know of anyone looking for a College Drop Out that's been riding his Dad's coat tails his whole life? If so, let me know.


C.B. Jack said...

I know of a U of U Finance Graduate too scared to face the real world of Wall Street and would be willing to wash some cars or change some oil for some Sonic Giftcards or McDonalds bucks? Can you hook him up?

Ron Boone said...

I may be able to make something happen with the McDonalds Bucks but asking for both the Mc "D"'s Bucks and the Sonic Gift Cards is a little much don't you think? Other people need to eat too. How can you sleep at night?

P.S. Glad to see we can add polls to the blog now. Big fan.