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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Daily Diet Coke and Beto's Breakfast Burrito

Here are some good Jazz articles to get your Jazz craving fed this morning. Feel free to print them off and take them to the throne with you.

-Salt Lake Tribune explains why CJ Miles has two consecutive DNP's.

-Is our recent win streak thanks to Kyle Korver? "No" the new Jazz man says.

-More reasons to watch the HUGE game in Denver tonight.

-After last season, I didn't think this was possible.


Ron Boone said...

In reference to the Shot Dr: Is there a better position in the league than Part Time Asst. Coach? When he Horny retires I want to apply for that job.

C.B. Jack said...

We'd all love to see that running one hand floater of yours in the NBA.

Ron Boone said...

Thanks man. That means a lot.

Horny said...

Hey my part time position ain't bad but why is Booner complaining about his part time play calling job? Why would you ever want to switch? How in the hell did you get that job in the first place? Oh wait, i remember now, it's when hot rod came to work so plastered he was slurring on t.v.! they had to bring in the expertise of Boone Dawg! "I think they need to score more points than the other team to win" thanks Booner, never thought of that!
Disclaimer: I used "ain't" knowing that as a teacher I am held to higher grammatical standards on this blog page, Sorry! that's why I teach sex ed.