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Saturday, January 5, 2008

1.5.07 Jazz @ Blazers

I've sat here for five minutes thinking how I could start this post without dropping a serious cuss bomb of some sort...

It's been another five minutes and I still can't think of something else to write other than swear words...

Hammy was right. We are dillusional. We really really are. Who have we been kidding? The Jazz will struggle to make the playoffs. That is not a prediction, that is a fact.

After such a great first half, I felt like we were finally in the defensive groove needed to win on the road. We went in to halftime with all things going our way.
Then the second half started and the Jazz came out acting like they were surprised that basketball games consist of two halfs. Martell Webster could father a child in each of our families and I would have felt better about him and liked him more than allowing him to go off for 24 in the 3rd quarter. I'm starting to see why Portland liked him more than Deron in the 2005 Draft. There were times when he had more athleticism, more desire, more energy, more confidence and more potential in those two lip kissing fingers of his than our 5 players on the court.

Conversation coming out of the locker room to start the 2nd half.

CJ Miles: "What the? Hey Willy, I thought the game was over and this was just shootaround?"

Deron: "I'm not sure BJ (Derons pet name for CJ). Hey did you remember to vote for Chris Paul for the All-Star game today? I voted for him three times. Once under my real name, once under the code name of Tory Ellis, and once by my play over the past 15 games."

Memo: "Did you guys know I All-Star last year was?"

Korver to Ronnie Price (The only one who has accepted him and is nice to him): "What the hell did that seven foot Yoda just say? That guy was an All-Star?"

Ronnie Price: "I think he has himself confused with Brad Miller. I used to play with Brad. Brad is the second coolest white guy I know next to you Kyle (winks and bites his lip a little)"

Korver to himself after throwing up a little in his mouth: "I've got to get to Phoenix somehow...I bet Ashton has a place in Phoenix."

Ronnie Brewer: "Hey, who is paying for the cab ride to the pole dancing club after the game? I paid last time. "

J-Slo thinking: "We're too cocky. These little sh!#s need to learn a lesson. How can I blow this game for them. Make them tougher....learn who they are."

Even the trucking refs were getting excited about the Blazers comeback. (I did this in Photoshop...I'm kind of a big deal.)

The bench was not a fun place to be tonight.

Final Score: Jazz: heartless , Blazers: 103


Boozers Hammy said...

I was so mad I did not watch the 4th quarter and had to wait a full 24 hours to come look at our blog. I refused to watch ESPN as well just so I did not have to be reminded of how bad the Jazz are.

Ron Boone said...

Is Harpring eyeing down Whistle's Junk?

Ron Boone said...

oh, and love the new home page pic at the top. That could not explain my feelings any better.