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Monday, January 14, 2008

1.14.08 Jazz vs. Bucks

I think the Bucks know what it feels like to be from Idaho. You know how everyone is always ragging on Utah for being the 'wanna-be' California? And to make ourselves feel better we rip on Idaho for being the 'wanna-be' Utah? I realized that the Bucks are a wanna-be Jazz. They are basically the Utah Flash of the NBA. Lots of ties to Utah on that squad.

1. Andrew Bogut: The guy will always be a celebrity in Utah because of his days up at the hill playing for University of Utah. I loved watching this guy run the high post for the Utes. Good times for the Alma-mater. I think Bogut wants to play for the Jazz. Just call it a hunch. I wouldn't mind seeing him posting up in the Tar Heel Blue paint that rests in the ESA. He would do well here.

2. Mo Williams: Talk about the black mark on Kevin O'Connors record. Who decided that we couldn't match an offer sheet on this guy? He was instant offense during his rookie year with Utah. Our own Ron Boone was pumped to see an Alabama boy here as well. I guess losing him opened up the door for D-Will, but can you imagine a back court of Mo and Deron? Or better yet, Mo coming off the bench for Deron? But then again, we would not have Jason "That HART tattooed on my arm has more athleticism than my entire body" Hart. Life is all about unanswered prayers right?

3. Larry Krystkowiak: Loved this guy when he played for the Jazz. I felt bad tonight that the the local announcers only mentioned it 13 times instead of their normal 42 when we play the Bucks. He had decent numbers averaging 7.2 pts per game and shot 46% from the field during his days with the Jazz. I want to know how many white players have played in the NBA who didn't play for the Jazz? That is a number worth looking up. CornDogg at Hardwood Paroxysm felt like tonight's game should have had a special sponsor.

4. Michael Ruffin: He was part of the "Are you kidding me" team that Jerry Sloan put together after Stockton and Malone retired. This team of misfits went 41-41 during the 02 - 03 season and just missed the playoffs by 1 game. He almost averaged a career high in points that year at 2.2 (no, it's not a typo). I know we all say this, but here I sit at my computer standing a generous 5'9 weighing in at a buck fifty five and I really think it's fair to say, I could average 2.2 pts per game if I was allowed to play 17.9 minutes per. Call me crazy.


1st Half:

The Jazz played down to the Bucks level this half. They couldn't pull away and seemed to be a little stagnant offensively. Looks like Charlie Bell has taken on the roll of "Zero to Hero" tonight against the Jazz. He is lighting it up and keeping the Bucks spread offense even more spread out. Do you think Redd feels bad for the way he treated us last year with his 57? It's like he doesn't want to make us look bad so he's not shooting the ball. I bet one of the Jazz players went to him before the game and said "Michael, remember when you scored 57 on us last year? Well after the game, Coach Sloan really let Giricek have it that night, and he killed himself. That's why he isn't here tonight". Nice tactic Jazz.

2nd Half:

I'm happy to see Andrew Bogut having a good game. He usually falls flat on his face when he comes back to SLC. Andrew Bogut just tripped on his own feet. My wife jumped and asked if someone just shot him with a sniper rifle. I rolled my eyes and told her that after years of playing Halo, I know what a body looks like when it gets hit with a sniper, and that was nothing more than a large man tripping over his over sized feet. At least this time he looked up to the stats sign as he got up and saw he was in double digit scoring, so I don't feel bad for him.

Deron is just showing off now. I think he plays with a little chip on his shoulder when the Bucks come to town. It's like he wants everyone to know that there was no way Mo Williams would have been a better PG than him. Deron is playing like a mad man tonight. He reminds me of the basketball players of old (early 90's) when they would play through all of their injuries. I see him holding his hand, limping and making a"damn that hurt, but I don't want people to think I'm a wuss" face more than a guy going paint balling for the first time in his life.

Deron owes this photographer a nice steak dinner. This picture will single handedly make more than 24 million people know Deron Williams' name after the game. That is what a little Chinese exposure will do for your career. Deron probably just landed himself a few million in Chinese endorsement deals. Why is there a Chinese word on the Bucks uniform? You don't see us putting a Nike emblem on the diapers of the American Sumo wrestlers we have over there.

Jason Hart threw up in his mouth when he saw that Chinese word and realized it was the same symbol he had tattooed on his chest and that it is actually an ad for a tampon company in China. And to think the damn tattoo artist said it meant "Honor".

Here is a classic Memo face. You know he's just thinking to himself, "Alright let's get this whole Defense thing over with so I can go down to the other side and launch another "money balls". If he was American, do you think he would let announcers get away with calling him the Money Shot? I doubt it.
Final Score: Jazz 98, Buck 87 (Box Score)
You have to give the Bucks credit for playing a decent defensive game. I was surprised to see the Jazz have such an advantage at the free throw line. That's a rare plus for the Jazz in any game.
Jazz win. No big surprise here. Now it's off to bed to see if despite winning 4 in a row, I can see a little "playing time" of my own. Doubt it. Thanks Jazz for making me sell my soul to the devil.


Horny4-3 said...

I LOVE the Memo pic! That is SOOOOOO him! Hell lets get this over rated defense stuff out of the way. You know if JSlo would take him out after every offensive possession Memo would love that!

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