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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

1.8.07 Jazz vs. Pacers

So the talking heads during the pregame show said the Jazz need to "beat them up...send them a message". So if the Jazz can't win a game by playing good basketball, they should just beat the shiz out of the other guys until they are down to four players? Oh wait, that is J-Slo's game plan every night.

1st Half:

Hot damn! The Jazz just put up 40 in the quarter? Apparantly we'll be seeing Mr. Hyde at tonight's game. A welcomed change from the lazy a$$ Dr. Jekyl who has shown his ugly face the past month.

David Harrison should be the official spokesperson for Valium. Dude had four fouls and three turnovers in 2:37. All in the first quarter. He's like the ugly 12 year old going through an early puberty and he can't control his body...or his facial hair for that matter. You know he goes down the slide too fast and rams the small kid in front of him with his feet and the small kid does a faceplant in the sand. And then he laughs at him. Don't worry small kid, get 4 or 5 other small kids, and you can gang up on his trash.

Pacers made a small run there in the 2nd to close out the half. Jazz better close this one out early in the 3rd.

2nd Half:

Not much to write about other than both teams had a turnover fest. Not one Jazz player finished this game with more than 26 minutes. Incredible. Bench had 54 points. No thanks to Kyle "Utah's newest Prophet" Korver and his 1-6 three point shooting. Get your head in the game Kyle...and your hair out of your eyes. On second hand don't, my wife seems to be much happier with you on the court. Go figure.

Final Thoughts: Jazz needed this win. They need every win in their next 11. I can see the going 8-3 in this span and hopefully pressing Portland and Denver for the Division lead. I can't wait for the Denver series to start.

Final Score: Jazz 111, Pacers 89

Did I not get the memo that tonight was Team Dickie and or Turtle Neck night in the Jazz locker room? Or even Argyle Dickie night for that matter. Don't worry, this trend will not catch on...until Kyle Korver starts sporting the Turtle Neck.

(CB Jack whisper to Booner): wanna meet me at GAP tomorrow afternoon to pick one up? Banana Republic has a sale too. See you at 7pm. BFF


Boozers Hammy said...

If the Jazz can win three road games in a row I will wear the dickie / sport coat combo for an entire week as a sign of respect. I will even go and buy a clip on earing to round out the apparel. David Stern might want to re-think the anti-gangsta clothing ban and put in an anti dux-bag apparel ban as well.

Ron Boone said...

The sad thing is, none of them want to sport the dickie/turtle neck, but their wives bought them for Christmas because they didn't want to wear ties. Course now their wives are watching post game interviews going, "Ummm, maybe that's not going to work." Too bad they were already seen by the rest of the world...scratch that, it's just KJZZ/Fox Sports Utah so really, it was just us and a few other avid fans.
I'm really pulling for the Jazz to win a couple more because nothing would make me happier than seeing Boozers Hammy sporting the dickie/sport coat combo.

Ron Boone said...

While I am here, I must say I did not watch much of the game last night because of "Bitterness Strike 2008", however, I did check in here and there. Once they were up by 30 I decided to tune in for the last 4 minutes, only to watch our team turn the ball over three times in a row and watch Jason Hitman Hart get his ass blocked out of the buiding two times in a row. The cameraman zoomed in on him the second time as if to say, "Dude, what are you doing with your life...." But Jason was too busy staring down the refs. Needless to say in the few minutes I watched, we never scored. So the Bitterness Strike will continue...unless we all want to gather at Mimi's Cafe for the game. If that's the case count me in!!!

Ken said...

This blog is totally awesome. I got to it through Basketball John's blog. I am bookmarking this and coming back for multiple helpings.

The true test is coming tomorrow against Phoenix. My stomach gets queasy when I think about it. Are they going to crumble on national TV? I still remember how they shocked the Suns last season in 3 out of 4 games. Ah...looks like I fall under the "delusional" fan category as well.

C.B. Jack said...

Thanks Ken. We try. We may not succeed all the time, but we do try. Feel free to email with any ideas you would like to post about. We can make it happen captn (no reference to Milt "Captain Cruch" Palacio). Wait, is this Milt?

Boozers Hammy said...

Please note that my commitment to wear the Dickie / Sport coat combo happens only if the Jazz win 3"ROAD" games in a row, I feel safe that my fashion reputation will not take a hit.

Boozers Hammy said...

Also, I agree with Ken on Thursdays game against Phoenix who should score about 130 on us and then we get Orlando who is going to be looking for revenge. If we go 1-1 I will count that as a success. As it stands now I am so nervous about D-Will doing something stupid on national TV that you could stick a piece of coal up my butt and get a diamond in about an hour. Booner might be that nervous as well, but he just gets the trots so the coal thing would not work out so well.

Ron Boone said...

I am not looking forward to seeing Orlando back in the E.S.A. C.B. Jack and I have nightmares about that home game a year ago when Dwight Howard had the whole stadium in the fetal position. I think we lost by 70...but the bench looked good in the final minutes. We dominated J.J. Redick...this made C.B. and I hold our heads out on our way out of the arena. We never wanted him on our team he available?

Ron Boone said...

...oh and Boozers Hammy...I wouldn't be busting that Dickie out anytime soon. I didn't realize you said "Road Games." In fact, I'm guessing it's safe to give that Dickie back to Cousin Eddie.