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Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Jazz Killer!

Hi I am Linas Kleiza from the Denver Nuggets. Nobody knew who I was until I lit up the Utah Jazz for 41 points. I average 11.2 points a game and usually spend a lot of my time coming off the bench. Now I am in the race to be selected to my first Allstar Game and now I have more people wanting me to endorse their products, Thank You Utah Jazz for your weak A$$ defense. Memo, Boozer you can guard me anytime! Wait didn't you both go to the Allstar game last year? Oh wait, but at the Allstar game you don't have to play defense! You guys were a perfect fit!

Great showing Jazz! I agree with Whistle Nuts, Why can D Will not go more minutes? You see Bron Bron and Kobe out there pretty much all night! Oh wait, we do have Jason "I can't shoot worth SH$#" Hart that can come in a take some of those minutes???

Big difference in the game: the nuggets stuck with their player who was on fire (above mentioned Mr. Kleiza) The Jazz: sit Korver, our player on fire, until well into the 3rd quarter! Great call JSlo, who needs points anyways to win, oh wait, we do!

I love watching 4th quarters when I get to finish the game watching Jarron "the jazz have made me a rich man for not doing jack crap" Collins and the rest of the scrubs. CJ who was thankful for the trash time so he could get his scoring average up! Just average 20 more points a game and you will pass Bron Bron!

I hate to be sooooooooooooooo negative but it's hard to watch. You can draw up the outline of how each Jazz game is going to go before it is even played. We will play tough for the first three quarters while letting a virtually unknown name on the opposite team (M. Webster, L. Kleiza) light us up. Then in the fourth quarter we will get down by ten and then JSlo will through in Jarron Collins, Ronnie Price, and CJ this = GAME OVER!!!

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Whistle said...

Yep, your right you know the game is out of hand when Jason Hart is the shooting guard with price running the point. I hate myself for liking the Jazz