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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My "Suite" Night

Last night I was able to enjoy the Utah Jazz win from the comfort of the Wells Fargo Suite. Thank you Wells Fargo and thank you to that printing press that printed those fake tickets! Like hell I could afford those tickets on a teachers salary! I'm kidding, it's nice to have a wife that has hook ups through her work! It was an amazing time and even better with the Jazz win.
I was excited to see the former Univeristy of Utah star, Andrew Bogut back in Utah, being a former alum. Also good to actual see him have a good night (not good enough to help them win) but a good night. The "Suite" life was great, personal bathroom, some guy named Lugo who I could not understand but kept on handed me free food and booze. My wife was pissed about the booze part but I had no idea how to tell Lugo to hold off on the strong stuff.

After pounding down rib sandwich after rib sandwich (which really weren't that good, just free) we sat back on the front row of the suite and enjoyed watching the Jazz at mid court. I enjoyed meeting all the wealthy Wells Fargo bankers who strolled in with there fancy shoes and botoxed faces. I did get a little sick of all the searches they made me get when they found out I was a just a measly teacher. I think Lugo enjoyed this? Hey, that's what you go through when you get hooked up with "Suite" Jazz tickets!

I feel a little guilty for saying that I enjoyed the first three quarters being close. It makes the whole experience a little better. I worried about a blow out or a Jazz collapse in the fourth quarter but the night was perfect. The Jazz looked great, defense looked tough (minus softy Okur) and D*Will was IMPRESSIVE, at times it looked like he was toying with MO MO! By the way D*Will looks more white in person!

I hope the Jazz streak continues, mainly for Booner, I would hate for him to fall back into his negative ways even to the extreme of the No Nookie rule? What was he thinking? By the way talking about nookie yes, there was still "play time" after the game in the Horny "Suites". I did find it weird my women kept yelling out all night "Kyle, Kyle", who knows what that was all about? Oh well, nookie is nookie as they say!


MC Welk said...

I hope you're not an English teacher; the adjective you seek is "whiter."

Ron Boone said...

Oh yea? My four year old runs the show in my house so I got stuck watching the "Suite Life with Zach and Cody." Does that count? They are both Suite's. (Hope that apostrophe is in the correct spot.)