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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Getting my Korver Jersey On!

First off, I know this is a couple games old, but I just found this on YouTube and could not help my smile the whole time.

We should all jump on this bandwagon as well:

Not sure if you know this but I have been rooting for Korver since he was wearing knee highs at Creighton. OK, so not really, but I have always liked the guy. What Utah man can't like a white guy that fires three's like they are going out of business. Besides, other than his defense, energy, athletic ability, shooting percentage and overall skill, my game and Korvers game are a lot of like.
With as much as we move the ball, he has to be loving this team. Hopefully he continues to play well. Course, I'm sure we will trade him for Fisher next year. Fish just needs to be in a higher elevation for health reasons.
Close call with a little anxiety towards the end but a good win for the Jazz. I thought the whole team played well and it was nice to have D-Will back. He should have passed the ball around more.

Here is the Jazz upcoming schedule:

Saturday: @ Portland

Sunday: @ Portland

Monday: @ Portland

Tuesday: @ Trailblazers

Wednesday: Portland

This will be good because we haven't played them for a while.




The Napster said...

haha! I just ran across your blog and I enjoy it! I too have been a closet Korver fan. I think we'll just have to beat portland again to shut them up

Horny4-3 said...

When do we play Portland again? We never plays those guys!

Anonymous said...

What if today was your last day??

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