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Monday, February 4, 2008

Any Questions?

I hope that this post comes across as cocky, arrogant and smug because that is my intention. I hope that we get to play the Hornets in the playoffs, it would be an automatic pass into the next round. CP3 is officially Deron's personal ball boy, he owns him and there is no way anyone can argue that fact. It's too bad that we are going to have to keep sticking up for him because he is clearly the better player of the two. The dunk that he threw down on Tyson Chandler put an exclamation point on his game tonight, I would like to see Chris Paul pull that one off.

Holy 3-balls that was a freaking awesome display of shooting for the Jazz tonight. Can Kyle Korver do any wrong? It was nice to see him finally get hot here at home for the "Old Lady Crowd" The best thing about tonight was the Jerry Sloan post game interview. He tried so hard to act like he wasn't pissed about the Jazz jacking up 22 3's for the game, but deep down he was cussing like a sailor. The Jazz set at least 3 franchise records for 3-point shooting tonight - impressive is the only word that comes to mind.

Another feather for Kevin O'Conner's hat, not signing Morris Peterson. How glad are we now that the Jazz decided to not match the offer for him, we would not have Korver if that deal went our way. Instead the Hornets have a 31 year old shooting guard who can't shoot or defend and they get to watch him for the next 4 years. Sometimes the best moves are the ones not made.

Its all good here in Jazz land. I am warning you all now, with a win in Denver on Wednesday might the Jazz might just get translated and taken to heaven because they would have become the perfect basketball team.


mickeyd27 said...

I like your blog. Go Jazz. I cant believe they called a tech on Brewer tonight. That ref needs to be punished for calling that, it should of been a flagrant. Anyways, you should add my blog too, it's

RRR said...

The game tonight was as much a statement from the entire team about dissing Dwill and their feelings for such happening.

Deron destroyed his friends ability to even stay in the game and did so very early on.

For some reason, the way the hell outside stuff started to fall, and it fell upon NO, (in honor of Nagin)? I can but wonder. But for sure some inspiration was in support of Deron's abilities!

From this point forward, I almost wonder if NO could EVER beat the Jazz again! CP3 is totally pwned by DWill!

I can't say enough about Korver's arrival. He is totally awsome, and attractive/attached as well. Another guy was screaming many hung, and another feller said something about korgasams. Well Ok, I think it's a feeling thing and not an actual desire.

But did he ever light up the team and the crowd as well? Then Memo, and Deron was not to be outdone either.

Though the coach did not approve, that run broke the back of the hornets, pulled their wings so to speak.

All that was left was another 24 minutes of the game.

CP3 is one very fine ball player and he will go to great years in the NBA, but from this point on Deron will always be casting a shadow in the place where CP will be playing.

THAT is why the Jazz picked Deron over CP3!

We have 33 games left to play in season play, and each one of those games need to taken on one at a time.

The Den game is as big of a game as we might have the entire season, but it will be a defining moment for THIS Jazz team.

Remember when we panicked when AK got the ball on the outside and poised for a shot? We anticipate such a moment today.

We have but league babies with big time playoff experience! Any guess of the possibilities? This year?

Ron Boone said...

Great Post Hammy. That was the exact kind of game I needed, in fact, I think every Jazz fan wanted that exact thing to happen.
Thanks ESPN for showing more highlights of Chris Paul sitting on the bench than you do of D-Will dominating the game. They will get their CP3 coverage somehow. At least he was in the top 10 then. Great Dunk...Monster Game. Now, let's do that same thing to Denver.

C.B. Jack said...

Couldn't agree more with the crowd here.

That game was outstanding. The crowd was into it from the 'get go'. The chants of "All Star" as Deron was shooting free throws was priceless. It felt like a European Soccer match, the crowd was chanting all kinds of things:

All star-when Deron shot free throws
Kyle...Korver...every time he drained a big three
and the relentless boo's of CP3 were icing on the cake.

Time to go and work over Denver, let's bring this streak to ten.

zaui said...

Look here for Paul's stats vs the Jazz this year:;_ylt=AmnXRAjAlX9EtGZ6cN3zhrGkvLYF

Low lights include 10.5 ppg on 11.5 FGA/game (awful) and a 1.33 A/T ratio (worse).

Now for D-Will vs NO:;_ylt=AmnXRAjAlX9EtGZ6cN3zhrGkvLYF

20.5 ppg on 11 FGA/game - twice as many pts with the same amount of FGA & a A/T ratio of 2.6.


Ron Boone said...

appreciate the info zaui. That is interesting. Thanks again NBA. I guess we shouldn't feel too bad, the NBA is also the same assoc. that hired that ref that called the "T" on Brewer last night...not to mention the phantom foul by Boozer on Chandler.